Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Letter of the Mother on "Auroville"

 [A continuation of The Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, Preface (Part 1)]

          From 1966 to 1970 UNESCO passed three Resolutions on Auroville. The Resolutions affirmed that Auroville was being established by, and was a project of, Sri Aurobindo Societya non-government organisation. The appreciated the great ideals of Auroville and invited all States and non-governmental organisations to support it.
          Around 1970 one of the functionaries of the Sri Aurobindo Society heart that a decision had been taken to offer Auroville as an experiment for the UNESCO's project of "The Design of Integrated Living". The Mother was asked whether She had approved this decision. This was asked in a letter and in the left-hand margin of the letter, the Mother replied, as follows, with reference to the word "decision":

('if it has at all been taken, it is without my knowledge because I say to it an emphatic NO')

Below the letter the Mother gave the following statement on the general question in regard to Auroville:

(I do not know who told you that but there is a misunderstanding somewhere because to hand over the management of Auroville to any country or any group however big it may be is an absolute impossibility. Blessings, The Mother)

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