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Update 8: Supermind organises the conditions for its manifestation

(From June 2004 Matrimandir Action Committee published updates with new revelations and information relevant to the Mother’s Vision and its activities with reference to the CHRONICLES OF THE INNER CHAMBER, as posted earlier on this blog:  Introduction', 'Manifesto',  Part I - PrefacePart II, Part III, Part IV, Part V Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX Part X, Part XI and Part XII. Link to Update 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7)   

Update 8 – 4 April 2005
 Supermind organises the conditions for its manifestation. The ‘descent’ of the Mother’s Vision in the form of an architectural ‘model of the universe’ is an example of the accuracy of this dictum, unequalled in any other area of Sri Aurobindo’s work.
            To appreciate how this operates, we may focus our attention on Saturn, just as science is doing via the Cassini probe which has been beaming back to Earth exquisite images of this superbly beautiful planet. Saturn is considered the planet connected to science; it is the planetary ruler of Capricorn which, in turn, is the zodiacal ruler of India; and it is precisely in India that the Mother’s Vision, in which Saturn is central, has taken shape, as well as where the subsequent descent of the temple’s Knowledge occurred. All of this has been the workings of the Truth-Consciousness to arrange the conditions for its manifestation.
            We must emphasise again that Saturn is the planetary/harmonic essence of the Mother’s temple. The entire structure, inner and outer, is a hymn to the 6th planet. And since the Mother herself occupies the 6th position on the descending number-planetary scale of 9/6/3/0-1 of the Solar Line, Supermind arranged the revelation of this model of Saturn - her own ‘pulse’ or cosmic note - through the Mother herself.  

Saturn above, Saturn below
There is no better demonstration of Supermind’s ability to create its own conditions for manifestation than the magical formula we find in the Core of the Inner Chamber, revealing certain aspects of a ‘new precision’ that Saturn contributes to the cosmic harmony of our solar system. The focus here is on Saturn’s actual physical position in the heavens, on four different days stretched over almost a century of Earth time: from 1872 to 1963; and each of these four days/positions are interconnected, however only via the Chamber’s luminous Globe. Without the correct 70cm Globe, accurately positioned beneath the descending Ray, this superb harmonised interplay could never be perceived. Essentially IT WOULD NOT EXIST.

            To be even more specific, it could be stated, paradoxically, that the Mother’s vision/plan causes the harmony to manifest.
The original act pierced the veils for the temple eternal to descend in time; thereafter, through time’s creative impulse, the becoming of its eternal being is organised in and through the evolutionary process.
            The reader must note the extraordinary implications in this statement. In the world of the Spirit we are accustomed to dealing with abstracts; or else with scientifically unprovable states of consciousness. In this case, however, we are dealing with a new precision that brings its own formulae and methodology, or its own science. This is what stands behind the understanding that Supermind creates its own conditions: to manifest, or to become established on Earth, it will open its own path, control the descent of the Knowledge via that path, and disclose a new language which can render the Manifestation appreciable by all. In the process, it reveals aspects of creation that cannot be grasped without the aid of this new principle.

             Though dealing with Saturn’s location in four different horoscopes, traditional astrology of whatever school is of no help in detecting the unique interplay between these positions stretched over 91 years in the natal charts of the four members of the Solar Line. They appear unrelated in any way. It is only via Supermind’s ‘new precision’ in the Inner Chamber of perfect Measure that astrology is elevated to a very different level: it must now be described as a tool to perceive the harmonies of the cosmos. This new perceptive enhancement allows us to appreciate how Supermind operates through oneness to further the manifestation of the Truth-Consciousness in material creation, from vast to small, in the heavenly harmonies as well as in individual lives.
            Thus, the role the Mother’s temple plays in this unfolding is essential. Without the Globe of accurate dimensions and placement, these four dates and respective locations of Saturn in the heavens would be meaningless. Supermind not only arranges the pathway for its descent, in the process it discloses the birthdates of its instruments stretched across a century. These ‘cosmic credentials’ are written into the temple’s perfect form and measure, not just for one or two births, but for all four members of the Solar Line interconnected, thus eliminating the facile dismissal ‘just coincidence’, while compounding the complexity of a precision new to science.
            This is a feature of Supermind’s operations: it integrates the One and the Many. Indeed, it cannot descend without the integrated harmony of the Becoming. This revelation serves as an example, - for which reason we hold the Mother’s Vision as our guiding light. 
        ‘…What we propose just now is not to make the earth a supramental world but to bring down the supramental as a power and established consciousness in the midst of the rest – to let it work there and fulfil itself as Mind descended into Life and Matter and has worked as a Power there to fulfil itself in the midst of the rest. This will be enough to change the world and to change Nature by breaking down its present limits…when the Light is there, the Light itself will do its work – when the supramental Will stands on earth that Will will decide. It will establish a perfection, a harmony, a Truth-creation…’. (Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga, CE, p.13)
           We also note that one of the functions of the Globe is to materialise the Light. We see in this display of a new precision that if the Mother’s plan had not been revealed by her these interrelated days/positions of Saturn in the heavens would be meaningless and without purpose. (See below:) 

The Core of the Mother's Temple,
© Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The New Way
There are two ‘years’ in the measure of 365 days. One, of time, begins on 1st January; the other, of space, begins at the March Equinox. Just as we do in commercial operations, for certain purposes the time year is the measure, while for others it is the space year. The reader can begin to understand what the origin was of these contemporary practices; and also why in Vedic times the Year was sacred. It was the backdrop for everything that transpired in the Sacrifice. But, however divided, it is always the ‘single ray’ we are concerned with, or the single circle.
      The correct length of the Chamber’s descending Ray is 15.20m in the Mother’s Vision, which in turn we divide into those 365 days of the year (of time or space). With the correct 0 point for the beginning of the year, we then ‘locate’ these days on the Ray as it enters the Chamber. With the help of an ephemeris or almanac they can easily be converted into degrees of celestial longitude on the ecliptic to find their location in the tropical zodiac of any horoscope. In this manner we are able to establish a planetary position on the Ray when it strikes the Globe, as the diagram reveals regarding the four separate positions of Saturn at the time of birth of the four members of the Solar Line. Here they appear as one event, as if in a photographic image; but in fact there are 91 years ‘contained’ in this ‘photo’ of the Globe via Saturn – a concept totally new to sacred art. In the Mother’s Chamber the four births are drawn together in this singular manner, carrying us into the realm of Simultaneous Time – the Eternal is thus married to the Temporal.
      For those unfamiliar with the language of the New Way, each date/degree corresponds to the Saturn position at the date and time of birth of each of the four members of the Solar Line: the Mother – 6 (top of the Globe); the Third – 3 (centre); Sri Aurobindo – 9 (top of Pedestal); and the Fourth – 0-1 (bottom of Globe – hidden in the stone Pedestal). A scrutiny of their respective horoscopes can verify these details.
      In Hindu temples the icon is fashioned according to exact measurements which are contained in voluminous shastras handed down from age to age. The above will give the reader an idea of just why it was essential to respect these injunctions. But this was only part of the process. Thereafter, in a separate operation, a connection with Time has to be made when the deity is imbued with power at the abhishekam or anointing ceremony, which is performed at a time selected by the presiding Pundits for its auspiciousness. But if the calendar is askew, as is presently the case, then that connection cannot be properly made and the opposite effect may be attained. Or at the very least, the only power imbued in the Icon thereafter comes from the devotees who worship at the temple. In other words, the cosmos does not participate – contrary to the foundation and essence of the Vedic Way.
      The Mother’s Vision offers a new science of temple building where the two, time and space, are joined in a single ray, as described above. The timeless or eternal (Being) is incorporated into the temporal (Becoming) not on the basis of devices which are themselves unstable, but by the births of the Eternal Ones. They are eternal by virtue of the fact that they are Emanations of Vishnu – the Godhead who lives as long as the cosmos lives, who regularly sends his emanations to Earth so that these timeless truths can be brought down according to the demands of the Supramental Shakti for each Age. There are no pujas or homams required to imbue the perfectly fashioned Globe with power. It is self illuminating because the Time-Spirit is the officiating Priest, or Purohit, in this new temple for the new Age of the Supermind. (See, The New Way, Vol. 2, Chapter 4, Aeon Books, 1981, for the complete science.)

          We are thrust into the realm of Simultaneous Time where the harmony is pre-existent, yet in a sense it does not ‘exist’ without the Chamber; while the Chamber is a feature of the Supramental Manifestation without which its integrating principle would neither descend or be perceived. It is the Mother’s plan with precise measurements that ALLOWS the supramental light to materialise in Earth time-space. And in so doing, the Mother’s description of the descending Ray playing upon the Globe as the ‘symbol of the future realisation’ is proven.
            This helps clarify the perception that the Inner Chamber exists eternally in the plane the Mother visited. The question is, how does it organise its descent? How is the eternal brought to Earth by methods which respect and do not deny conditions Earth life imposes? 

The sacred purpose of Time and Space
The tools Supermind must use to organise its manifestation are time and space; it needs no others. Consequently, if the Mother’s vision captures a new astrology for the new Age, then we are not surprised to note that the Inner Chamber does indeed offer the world an entirely unique means of appreciating the manner in which time and space unveil new dimensions of their cosmic purpose. The descending Solar Ray, or the chamber’s axis of light, is the element that brings the matter alive before our eyes when this ‘symbol of the future realisation’ harmonises, in its single-bodied descent, both time and space. These two properties of cosmic manifestation blend in the Ray into one body of Light and in the process reveal their intrinsic oneness [see box insert].
            Since it is the single Ray (‘The ray of the sun must be seen…’ ‘It must be one ray. I saw it…’) as the field for the interplay between time and space, this new cosmology becomes a valuable tool for an appreciation of the nature of oneness that is the signature of the cosmic manifestation.
            In this manner events played out in time-space can be ‘located’ in the descending Ray. Significant happenings can be seen to occur when calendar time reaches particularly sensitive points in the Core. An example would be the location in time and space of Saturn as described above at the births of the four members of the Solar Line, certainly a harmony revealing a vast, all-encompassing Consciousness at work. Another would be the 26 December earthquake/tsunami which took place just below the Solstice ‘location’ at the top of the Globe, drawing attention to the Capricorn Symbol-Map, the measure of which is ‘contained’ in the Globe (see Update 6).  Or else, we may take the descent of the Chamber itself which Supermind, through the Mother, brought into being on or about 1st January 1970 – or the centre of the Globe and, moreover, during Saturn’s zodiacal month, Capricorn. The descent of the Vision was completed by the time the Ray passed out of the Globe, the calendar equivalent of 10 January. The 18-day period ended at the base of the Pedestal in the count, the seat of the Divine Will (‘…when the supramental Will stands on earth that Will will decide. It will establish a perfection, a harmony, a Truth-creation…’)

In the Divine Measure lies the light
These time-space measurements are not to be taken lightly. For when we insist, as did the Mother, on precise measurements accurately executed, the reason is that the only element distinguishing the Mother’s Vision from the Auroville construction is precisely light, GNOSIS; and this manifests through given measurements and geometric patterns. From time immemorial sages have moulded space to render it a sacred vessel through these tested methods, but in the Age of Supermind a significant enhancement has occurred: time is incorporated directly into the spatial measurement (‘…a single ray…’), unlike in any prior age known to man. But if, as in the Auroville construction, the Ray does not measure 15.20m to the top of the Pedestal, or if the Pedestal is not 50cm in height under that Ray, this exquisite interrelated harmony collapses.
            Hence the demand for precision and accuracy is not simply a pedantic pastime. Without those precise measurements there is no light, there is no bridge to the Supramental Gnosis via the structure. Nothing else renders the Mother’s original plan a temple of light. And when these measurements are not ‘perfect’, as the Mahamaya commands, the result is the Auroville model constructed in the architect’s image: no bridge, no light and hence not an iota of knowledge.
            The reader may ask, how can measurements create forms of light? It is because the building blocks employed are time and space through their respective measuring devices, - calendar and tape measure; but these have been transformed by the Supramental Manifestation into higher forms of measure, divine in essence and expression because of interconnected oneness. That we can use time and space in this new way is precisely the proof that the Truth-Consciousness has not only manifested but that it is able to create its own conditions for descent via these enhanced building blocks.
            If Supermind is to transform our world into a field for its establishment as the next commanding principle, displacing Mind as the regent of our species, we must be able to follow its workings in this very world of time and space. We have no other field for our labour and our enjoyment. The Mother’s vision helps us to do just that: it materialises Gnosis, precisely by the precision of its measure, the divine Measure. In St John’s Revelation, it is called the Golden Rod. 

Continuing deception?
Update 7 created the expected impact. One reader who had worked for a number of years on the Auroville construction questioned how the reflection of the Core (the flame at the base) could come about when the stipulated carpet covers the floor. This is a valid point. Photographs were taken at several stages in the creation of the model; a few, such as Agni in the Core, were done without the carpet; hence the reflection appeared. What is important to note is that the Pedestal’s essence (in sacred geometry) was known already in 1976 to be Agni, the divine Son/Will of the Veda, the sacred Fire. Thus when that Flame ‘materialised’ in the reproduction, it was a magical moment to discover that the camera had captured this sacred essence.

            Bear in mind that the true Vision may never be constructed. It may always rely only on our revelations and diagrams for its preservation. But what distinguishes our effort and sets it apart from ‘the things men do’ is light; and this is the result of sacred measure and form. This Light will live forever and will create the conditions for its manifestation in age upon age, always revealing new expressions of the Truth-Consciousness.
Our task is to help evolve a new Eye that perceives in a new way, and that can then see this Light – a ‘felt seeing’, to use the Mother’s description; or a ‘seeing in understanding’ of the New Way. In Vedic times it was Shruti, the heard sight, combining both vision and sound; added to sound was the light of wisdom, seeing.

            Some readers are disturbed by the fact that off and on in these Chronicles we have referred to the Auroville construction as a waste. At this point an elaboration is required. If Supermind does indeed create its own conditions, while exerting a superb control over material creation as revealed in these pages, then there must be a sense to this seeming waste as well. And indeed there has been.
            We have stated in MAC publications that both constructions, subtle and physical, advanced according to an almost identical ‘schedule’, covering no less than three decades. We know what the purpose behind the ‘construction of light’ has been: the descent and preservation of the Knowledge, and the cementing of the Mother’s original vision at the heart of the new world that is being born, that it may serve as its ‘pulse’ ever after. But what has been the ‘purpose’ of the shadow in this alchemy of forces? What was its exact role? For if Supermind creates conditions for its manifestation, surely it could have controlled matters to avoid this waste.  Yet if the shadow temple’s reason for existence was to force the descent of the temple of light, this would be Supermind, through both negation and affirmation, creating and controlling the terms of its descent and establishment as the gnostic guiding principle of the new world. It would explain the entire interrelated process: negative and positive at the service of the One.
            For this reason both Light and Dark have followed the same ‘schedule’. If there had been no resistance to the Mother’s Vision, if it had been accepted unquestioningly and built as she wished, would there have been any need to record the Knowledge for posterity? And far more importantly, the yoga that was demanded in order to rectify, while opening the doors of this special Chamber of Gnosis, would never have taken place. This was the most important part of the Chamber’s descent into time and space: it hastened the advent, it accelerated the pace. It is as if its instruments on the side of negation were mighty Stokers of the engine of Time.
            Lamentably, those elements are closed to this light they themselves have served. Since the formation of the Matrimandir Action Committee and the regular appearance of the Chronicles, there have been renewed attempts to make the Auroville construction look more like what the Mother wanted. There have been serious discussions on the possibility of buffing the crystal, for example, to create a translucent effect in keeping with the Mother’s wishes. Interestingly, the propagators of this idea have perfunctorily dismissed the need to look at the 24 metre floor diameter inaccuracy, or the eliminated 15-step entry, or the stone pedestal, – though these and more were a part of the Mother’s expressed intent. Now again there seems to be an attempt to make the existing structure appear to follow the Mother’s original plan, while eliminating those sacred measurements and design in one sweep as ‘matters of no consequence’. They are just ‘numbers’, just ‘centimetres’, even just ‘coincidences’ (see Update 2).

            Time and again we have asked the builders of the Auroville construction what, in their view, was the reason why the Mother insisted on dimension precision and accurate execution of her plan, if it was all meaningless and only their consciousness and labour was of value.
And none can deny that she did battle over these issues with that consciousness of denial for a full 18 days before finally handing the matter over to the ‘consciousness that decides’ for the necessary pressure by which to sort out the people ‘who could build the temple’.
            Supermind did indeed take up the ‘sorting out’ process. But if the shadow temple no longer serves its original purpose, then the present attempts at cosmetic alterations during the room’s current closure for repairs, are to be viewed with suspicion, given past experience. Disengaged from the gnostic Schedule, will that field then become simply a free playground for ‘the things men do’, where personal creative impulses and time-bound architectural fashions are indulged with no questions asked?
            Let it be stated unequivocally: If the powers-that-be who own and administer Auroville truly wish to respect the Mother’s wishes, they must turn for guidance to those who have given unquestionable proof of their credentials to execute her will. The architects and the building committee, as these Chronicles and Updates prove, have no knowledge of the sacred art of temple building, ancient or new. They mock, they scoff, they distort. They must now set aside their cosmetic ploys and, quite simply, abdicate.
            Without ALL elements of measure and design incorporated accurately on the basis of the new precision described throughout MAC publications, the Mother’s vision simply does not exist in the Auroville model. One cannot pick and choose in these matters. The time has long passed when any rectification could have been done; any such attempts at this point are not only futile or illusory, they have to be seen as methods designed to counter MAC’s extensive campaign of exposure.  
            To make ‘supramental sense’ of it all, integrally, there is certainly a way.
            We must simply look at what IS – the Dark and the Light. We take everything that has brought us to this apparent impasse, with the light on one side and the dark on the other, seeing each dispassionately in its correct place, and attempt to arrive at that all-embracing vision the Chamber itself encourages. What have both endeavours produced?
            We have the final results before us in these very Chronicles, demonstrated in an exemplary manner in Update 7 via the two photographic reproductions, - one of light, the other of darkness.
            The shadow temple was purposeful only until the descent of the Truth-Conscious content of the Mother’s vision of light was complete (1998). Those who wish to continue pouring time and energy into the now purposeless Shadow can do so, but in the Age of the Truth-Consciousness it has to be on the basis of a conscious or ‘informed’ choice, to use the contemporary jargon. This cannot be avoided now because the Matrimandir Action Committee has brought into focus both dark and light, and revealed how they serve the purposes of the One, the Divine Will in the Core.
            Thus, at this point, it is to each his own…

[1] It needs to be pointed out that the Mother’s Inner Chamber serves to prove how utterly askew the so-called Hindu calendar is, since with it the Avatar’s cosmic credentials could never be seen in the harmonies of the cosmos because the new year is 23 days late. One of the sacred duties of Vishnu’s Evolutionary Avatar is to bring accuracy into these astrological/calendrical matters by his own coming, his own birth in Earth time. However, vested interests have obstructed the Avatar’s mission for Hindu society – through this calendar distortion - as well as for his own followers through the mis-measure of the Auroville construction which only compounds the distorted calendar. A prophet is indeed never recognised in his own land in the way that recognition would matter: to be faithful and true.

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