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Part XI - The Core and the World - 2

[This is Part XI of The Chronicles of the Inner Chamber; readers of this series may first want to read the blog's 'Introduction' and the Matrimandir Action Committee's 'Manifesto',  Part I - PrefacePart II, Part III, Part IV, Part V Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX or Part X before continuing.]

 I saw a strange being who came from there like that [the Mother indicates her left side], made a round around you and went away. It was a horse with a lion’s head.
     Beautiful beast! It was a lion, the head like that, the front form was a lion, and behind it was a horse. And it was the symbol of… a symbolical animal of something. At the moment, I understood perfectly well, I said ah! and…
     Very dignified. Came from there [same gesture on the left] like that, made a round around you and went away. It was for you. Lion is power, and horse…
     And like that, it seems silly, but he was very beautiful, and of a beautiful colour. And very dignified.
     Tiens!... [The Mother realises she was speaking in English. The conversation resumes in French which I translate into English.]
     It was Sri Aurobindo who said all that to you [in English]. It is odd how it comes like that.
     It was something that had come to announce something to you. It was a being, but a being…There must be beings like that. It was all in light, and it was something…it was to announce something to you. But so real!
Quoted from THE VISHAAL NEWSLETTER, Culture and Cosmos-4,
  ‘Supermind and the Language of Gnostic Symbols’, Volume 9, Number 1

There is what might be called an eternal language; or a universal language known to wisemen and women throughout the ages. Its alphabet is formed of symbols. The Sphinx is one such symbol/language; not only the Giza Sphinx, but all those that antiquity has bequeathed to us. 
In the above dialogue from L’Agenda de Mère, Vol.8, pp.438-9, the Mother reveals just how this language is used to transmit knowledge from another plane before it is fully manifested here; or how it is preserved across time and space for Initiates who are to appear and will need this message at a given moment for the precision demanded in a Supramental Creation. Indeed, the precision of the vision, as in so many other instances involving the Mother’s exemplary capacities, is simply remarkable.
However, to comprehend what the Mother was not in a position to disclose at that time, one has to be familiar with the alphabet this ‘sphinx’ and all the others employed. The eternal element resides in the fact that this sacred alphabet has been with us for as long as the Earth has memory. It is the cosmic script that Traditions across the globe have preserved and passed down through the long line of Initiates who have been entrusted with safeguarding this hallowed language for humanity insofar as it is central to its evolutionary purpose.
The Rig Veda abounds in this symbol/language. Indeed, without an understanding of this Script, exactly as it has come down to us across the ages, little cosmic sense can be made of the text. In fact, this is the position today. Disconnection from the eternal script is so total that even when the evidence of its presence in the text is unquestionably established, scholars refuse to accept the facts. We are a civilisation totally cut off from the Cosmic Womb. We may explore space, we may send robots to Mars in a dazzling display of our technological triumphs, but without that Language and its connectedness, the oneness it fosters in our consciousness, these exploits are meaningless. Or rather, they bear no intrinsic purpose that helps us understand why we are here on this third planet from the Sun, and, above all, where evolution is taking us. Perhaps the only time the Earth has been so totally cut off from the family she is a part of is now. Our recorded history provides the proof.
It was very different in ages gone by. Oneness was a keyword. The solar system, for example, was a single entity. It sang to us its harmonies, its cosmic music. The notes were provided by these sacred aids. That is, there was and is an annotation like a musical score. The zodiac is one such key.
With the zodiac, when its symbols are revealed by Initiates, the Mother’s ‘strange being’ is a living document of a supramental process. Two figures are employed and they are taken directly from the cosmic Script: Leo (the Lion’s head) and Sagittarius (the Horse’s body). With initiation into these sacred mysteries the Mother’s vision is crystal clear; there can be no speculation, no guessing, above all, the enormity of this simple and apparently modest act of seeing is revealed.
Symbols have always been employed in this manner because in a single image sometimes an entire body of higher knowledge can be transmitted; or preserved for future times, as the case may be. To illustrate, The Apocalypse of St John the divine transmits the very same knowledge as the Mother sought to do, utilising the same eternal language:

    7. And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the
    third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.
(Chapter 12, 7.)

The ‘beast’ of John’s vision is formed of the Fixed Signs of the zodiac, those of Vishnu the Preserver: Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio (Eagle). The preservation of this particular section of the 12-part zodiac has always been prominent for Initiates because of the singular importance their respective astrological ages indicate for the Earth. When evolution takes us through one of these four Ages we know that it is a period of great moment. Our present Age of Aquarius is one such moment. It is the Man of St John’s vision and the Man of the Giza Sphinx. Both have used the same cosmic script.
The Rig Veda is not to be left out. The very same eternal and universal language was employed by the Rishi when he chanted praises to precisely the Preserver Vishnu and in the very same order as they appear in John’s verse. Vishnu Trivikrama ‘measures’ the universe in three strides: Lion (Leo), Bull (Taurus), Friend (Aquarius); his final stride of the three is known in astrological lore as the sign of the Friend, just as the Rishi recorded. But though the connection is unmistakable there is not one scholar or realiser in India or beyond who knows this language to the extent that he can understand the Rishi’s words. For India that Vedic eternal language simply does not exist in the Rig Veda. Rather, it is thought to have been brought to India many centuries later by the Greeks. Hence India has lost all connection with the cosmic surround and therefore with her own destiny as it has been recorded in that ancient Script.
The Mother was not ambiguous. She described not only the ‘beautiful strange being’ with superb accuracy, particularly emphasising that ‘…the front form was a lion and behind it was a horse’ to make the message unmistakable, but she states that it came ‘to announce something’. Moreover, that it was Sri Aurobindo himself who was conveying the message, using this very same eternal language the Rishis of old had used. Knowledge of gnostic symbols indeed confirms the accuracy of the Mother’s vision because this ‘sphinx’ holds the message of Sri Aurobindo’s two connected appearances on Earth: the first (front form) in the zodiacal sign of the Lion (Leo), and the second (behind) in the sign of the Horse, Sagittarius.
The importance of this vision is its timing, coming as it did just a few years after his re-entry into Earth time in the month of the Horse, but also the single body of the figure: both images are contained in one symbol as a contiguous form. The meaning is that births in these signs, though separated by 12 years and 356 days, correspond to one manifestation: the 9 becoming the 10 in a connected process. It was not just a lion making a round of the disciple followed by a prancing horse. It was a composite, single being – the two as one. This is what conveys to the Initiate the gnostic content of the vision because in this simple image with its unassuming display of connectedness we have the greatest secret of the Supramental Manifestation preserved in the Mother’s own words.
But similar to India with regard to the Rig Veda, there was no one in the Mother’s entourage in 1967 who could understand, who could see along with her. We realise that had things been organised differently, had the Mother collected around herself beings of a higher degree of initiation into these Mysteries, the history of the Supramental Manifestation would have been quite different over these brief three decades, during which time so much damage has been done to the Master’s work. To begin, the Temple would stand today as her vision based on her precise plan, and not the shadow of it that has been constructed in Auroville and passed off as hers. 

‘Coincidence’ revisited
Is it a coincidence that the Sphinx at Giza, the great marker of the Earth’s destiny, should be composed of Man and Lion and that she was built (now confirmed by geologists) 12,000 years ago in, precisely, the Age of Leo, the Lion? And that she was definitively uncovered from the desert sands in 1926, the very year the astrological Age of that Man (Aquarius) began? Thus, is it a coincidence that this figure, thought to be so utterly incomprehensible, should actually be conveying this simple message of the Age of her construction (Lion/Leo) and the Age of her unveiling (Man/Aquarius), our very own times?
Is it a coincidence that the Mother redesigned Sri Aurobindo’s symbol just six months after his own physical form had been remade? (CIC 6, 7, 10)
Is it a coincidence that the new symbol conforms to the dimensions of the Great Pyramid at Giza, before which stands the Sphinx? (CIC, ibid)
Is it a coincidence that her Temple-Vision should ‘contain’ this Pyramid and Sri Aurobindo’s symbol with unparalleled precision, that same precision employed to build the Great Pyramid itself so many thousand of years ago? (CIC ibid)
Is it a coincidence that there should be an exact correspondence between the entries to both the Great Pyramid and the Mother’s Temple of her original vision by a 15-step entry rising into her chamber? (CIC 3)
Is it a coincidence that the Mother should have described her work with number-powers in exactly the same manner as the organisation of the Solar and Lunar Lines in the Supramental Manifestation? (CIC 9)
Is it a coincidence that the Mother saw the ‘strange being’ Sri Aurobindo sent to announce something in exactly the figures of the two signs of his birth and rebirth?
The usurpers would like us to believe that coincidences will just be coincidences and that they abound if one starts looking for them. Indeed, without a gnostic initiation these and many more are ‘just coincidences’. That is, they have no sense and above all no connected sense; they are random happenings that tell us nothing, much less are they the pregnant repositories of any supramental gnosis.
The Mother was an accomplished adept in the language of gnostic symbolism which Supermind employs. Her own symbol is an exact display of the structure of that language – and we find it to be the same as the Sphinx and other such monuments that ancient traditions have left behind. There are 12 outer petals, the 12 signs of the zodiac; 4 inner petals, the four elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water – and they are positioned in such a way as to point to the four of Vishnu’s own signs, those of the classical sphinx; there are 3 concentric circles which are the 3 gunas or qualities, rajas, sattva, tamas, or Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable, as they are commonly known in astrological lore.
Is it a coincidence that this very symbol was employed by her as the basic plan of her Inner Chamber? By this means the temple is the world, and it is the cosmos as well. But there is far more to these symbols and structures than we have discussed so far. 
Egypt and India on the Axis of Time
The builders of the Auroville Matrimandir were unable to follow the Mother into the world of a new and higher precision. She spoke of this newness on several occasions prior to her vision of the inner chamber and it was with that seeing that the work was completed. Above all, its accompanying plan and the relevant corrective discussions that followed carry us into a world entirely unknown to science of any branch. It was known 12,000 years ago and during the intervening millennia India has stood as the sole nation in the world that seeks to preserve at least a part of that tradition. India was preserving a knowledge that would be resuscitated down the line of time exactly as it was known in those remote ages. India would play out the mystery of the Sphinx together with Egypt. And the Mother’s inner chamber would be central to it all.
The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were monuments of the Age of Leo both figures forming the colossus at Giza; the Mother’s temple-vision is a monument of our Age of Aquarius. Thus, the Sphinx holds the secret of a Time Axis. She stands as a marker, as hands on a cosmic clock indicating a connected process. For, similar to Sri Aurobindo’s ‘strange beast’, the Sphinx also conveys connectivity far more than continuity. Pre-pharaonic Egypt and India are linked across time and space in a very special process involving precisely time and space. Indeed, in precision lies the key to a successful accomplishment of their joint mission.
Thousands of years prior to the construction of the Giza monuments a civilisation flourished on Earth with keys to an alchemy by which matter could be made malleable and its density altered. This is not speculation or fantasy. Indeed, those ancient Divine Architects purposefully left proof of that former precision so that in India the connected work indicated in the Sphinx could be accomplished. The secrets of material science in those remote ages did not require monuments of such gigantic dimensions. Their accuracy was a simple question of proportions: the structures could be any size if two items were incorporated properly – precise proportions and correct alignment. We have the proof today in that a razor blade placed at a precise location in a tiny reproduction of the Great Pyramid’s proportions will sharpen itself. We realise that this form has special properties whatever its size.
This was of course known in pre-pharaonic Egypt, but in order to serve the Supramental Manifestation as destiny decreed, these monuments had to be constructed of such dimensions that they would survive the ravages of time and circumstance until the moment of fulfilment of the Man portion of the Sphinx had arrived: our present Age of Aquarius.
Ponder this: until construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris in the last century the Great Pyramid was the tallest and most massive monument on Earth. Even in our present century of technological splendours the Giza Pyramid cannot be replicated. A group of Japanese scientists were the last to attempt the feat, but they too failed, as have all others before them. The Initiates of pre-pharaonic Egypt were able to manipulate matter in such a way that massive stone blocks were fitted in the structure with immaculate precision, up to the very tip of this enormous structure taller than a 40-story building, comprised of over 2,300,000 blocks of stone weighing up to 200 tonnes each and some even heavier. In addition, the entire edifice was faced with granite slabs of equal weight placed together with such precision that a thin knife could not be inserted between slabs. No mortar was required. Were they chiselled into shape? At a time when there should not have been tools appropriate for such a task? The answer has eluded researchers. Moreover, these slab facings were polished to a degree unattainable today. We only know that a special precision was utilised, or tools of precision, if you will, of a sort unknown to us today in spite of our dazzling technology that can carry robots to Mars. We can send spacecraft to the Moon and to Mars, yet we cannot duplicate what stands before our eyes on the Giza plateau.
There is far more to the Great Pyramid, setting it definitively apart from our contemporary civilisation. We do not understand why such precision was required or what its purpose might have been, its function then and perhaps even now. While the Great Pyramid may no longer serve its original function involving mass and alignment, its indestructibility remains its ‘purpose’ for us to ponder over; and for India to make use of in order to carry out her half of the bargain.

Cardinal Pole Alignment and the New Precision
Let us examine the question of alignment, and this will bring us to India’s role. Researchers are aware that the Great Pyramid is perfectly aligned to the four quarters – similar to Hindu Temples. Regarding the Great Pyramid the alignment is astronomically precise to an unparalleled degree. But the point that perplexes researchers is why such an effort would be made to secure this Cardinal Pole alignment. To accomplish the task today it is recognised that the astronomical effort (quite literally) would be too costly to undertake; more particularly, what would be the point? The scientist of today does not understand why alignment of this sort would be required. And without a practical purpose or application, why invest? What ‘returns’ could be expected? Our world does not permit non-applicable science, however marvellous it may be. Science must be geared to an ultimate utilisation, be it war or peace, be it theoretical or technological.
The question of alignment was crucial to the function of the Great Pyramid in that it was the age of space conquest. Not as we conceive of such a conquest today. To understand we need only connect the process to the time alignment of the Mother’s original vision and plan. Then the purpose of the pre-pharaonic Egyptian contribution becomes clear. We discover a very different consciousness at work – indeed, involving a new precision, one of Space, the other of Time. And both are linked. Without the Mother’s plan and what is recorded in these Chronicles, the Egyptian conquest would have been in vain. The answer to the riddle of the Sphinx lies in the revelation of this great mystery.
The Great Pyramid is, in a sense, an empty shell at present. Its core no longer exists. Alignment remains and something of the larger configurations of its mass, but certain key elements that activate the structure are missing. One is the apex pyramid at the tip, proportionate to the whole; the other is the contents of the now empty rectangular box in what we refer to as the King’s Chamber. Apart from these there are other important items without which the purpose of the structure cannot be fulfilled. Indeed, its purpose IS being fulfilled by the fact that it has endured so that the connection can be made with the Mother’s work in no uncertain terms, just as these Chronicles reveal. In a sense we could consider the Mother’s Egyptian ancestry in this lifetime to have been vindicated by her gift to humanity in a direct line across the ages to pre-pharaonic Egypt. 
Integration of the One and the Many
The Age of Leo did not demand an integration of the One and the Many. Indeed, construction could be carried out on the basis of a select body of Initiates, and successfully, as the extant monument proves. The demands of the Age of Man (Aquarius) are different. It is required that a more universal involvement be attained. These Chronicles are for the specific purpose of furthering that wider purpose.
The Age of Aquarius demands a universal uplifting. Globalisation is not merely a word reserved for economic policies. It covers a broader spectrum. But even the totality of the Earth is not covered by the sense and purpose of the Aquarius ideal. Cosmicisation is required. The universal uplifting implies what the ancients knew and which must be reinstated: the Earth must find her place within the cosmic family she is a part of; indeed, she occupies a privileged place in this solar system of 9 + 1. It is only on this third planet from the Sun that the Supramental Manifestation can take place, or that the Line of Ten Avatars, Vishnu’s emanations, can make their periodic appearance. For the Manifestation to be complete, this very understanding must be the foundation of the new ‘global’ consciousness. Therefore the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, together with their other companions on the Egyptian sands, preserve the Eternal Script that alone can allow for two functions: one is to be conscious participants in the establishment of the Supermind on Earth, and the other is to preserve the key to the time factor, to the great moment when the Earth and her evolving species cross a determined and very special threshold of the Precession of the Equinoxes and move into the Age of Aquarius as the Sphinx prophesied many thousands of years ago, that ‘highest stride’ of Vishnu Trivikrama.
To attain this ‘globalisation’, human evolution had to pass through a period of progressive darkening of the light. The phenomenal achievements of ages gone by had to be forgotten and humankind had to start afresh, as it were, so that a greater integration could come about. In this process the Auroville fiasco has been central. Without the usurpers, without their denial and recalcitrant, sheer ignorance and rejection of the Light, these Chronicles, for one, would never have come into being. And they are the channels required to create a cosmic awareness proper to the new supramental creation where unity and multiplicity are equal partners in the process. 
The Chamber of a Golden Seed
Those who read these Chronicles must bear the above in mind. This is not a vacuous exercise without a deep abiding purpose. There is, indeed, a divine Purpose at the core of our endeavours, just as there is a Divine Purpose embedded in the core of the Mother’s true inner chamber. It is epitomised in a tiny pyramid of proportions equal to the whole; similar – nay, identical – to the lost pyramidal apex that once crowned the Great Pyramid. In the core of the Mother’s chamber, in the sacred pedestal consisting of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol which in turn is of the same proportions as the Giza Pyramid, there are 2.5cms which extend beyond the top of the stone pedestal.

In order to attain accuracy in the time conquest the Mother’s plan demands, in contrast to the Egyptian space conquest, the pedestal must measure 50cms, 2.5cms less than the Vesica Piscis would permit in order to fit Sri Aurobindo’s symbol within its geometry (see smaller insert above). But these 2.5cms are again divided into two parts. One section consists of 2cms extending above the pedestal’s top portion; the remaining 5mm are embedded in the globe when globe and pedestal are constructed three-dimensionally. That is, the tip of a mere 5mm must be encrusted in the globe. And in this precise way the Savitri prophecy is expressed through the use of gnostic symbols. For the Third of the Solar Line, by the Vedic Laws of Correspondence, is the globe; and she carries in her bosom ‘the soul of Satyavan’ (the Golden Seed) when she descends ‘into a mother’s breast’. 
Like the 5mm tip of Sri Aurobindo’s ‘pyramid’, this Golden Seed is the distilled portion of himself, passed down the Line in an impeccable alchemy of supramental transmutation; and the numbers involved in this miracle of gnostic symbolism are again 2 and 5 – the complete birth numbers of the first birth (15.8.1872=5) and the return (26.11.1963=2). Sri Aurobindo’s 5mm number-power is found right where it should be to equal the lost apex of the Great Pyramid at Giza – the topmost tip of equal proportions to the whole. The drawing provides the details.
The Apex of the Great Pyramid is 1/56th of the whole; whereas in the pedestal of the Mother’s chamber, it is 1/69th, the number-powers of both Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
We have then an identical apex atop the pyramid of Sri Aurobindo’s symbol proportionate to the one at Giza when the Great Pyramid fulfilled its function involving space. In the Mother’s chamber time is the issue, because of which consciousness is central. With time we are dealing with the other side, as it were, before the event horizon, pre-‘big bang’ or whatever, pre-space, or before compacted, compressed Time gave birth to the One, or the point of space. In Egypt the principle or the cosmic direction in operation was expansion, proper to space. In the Mother’s plan the direction is contraction, proper to time. Contraction in turn is necessarily linked to gravity. Perhaps for this reason secular science has not cracked the gravity conundrum as yet and cosmologists pin their hopes on discovering the theory that unifies everything for a breakthrough in precisely the question of gravity’s function. Hence the discovery of the exact mass in the universe is a burning question. Indeed, we are so much in the thickest darkness that in spite of our dazzling technology and mental prowess in mathematics, 96% of that mass is unknown, unaccounted for, and is thus called ‘dark matter’. It is out of the reach of our instruments of measure.
Indeed, the answers are beyond our reach because they lie ‘on the other side’. Not transcendental somehow, disconnected from the immanence of the time and space we know, but an involved transcendence yet ever ‘dark’ because this question of the three dimensions of compressed time (9/6/3) giving birth to the One through the compact 0 of fullness (0-1) is ignored. For this reason the Supramental Solar Line descends into Earth time – to imprint that code in the heart of material creation as a functioning, living and determining principle ever after. This is the foundation of the new creation, this simple equation: 9/6/3/0-1 
The question of mass and alignment
The pre-pharaonic Egyptians understood the question of mass. The Great Pyramid provides the proof. Science has not addressed this aspect of the colossus yet, mainly because it still refuses to accept that its builders possessed a science and technology far beyond ours. It is impossible, they sustain, and therefore they refuse to look at it, in spite of the ground reality.
The answer we seek in the Great Pyramid lies in its mass which involves the most baffling aspect of the structure: the size and positioning of the massive stones that tightly and accurately constitute this mass. But there is more, and this involves alignment and the core, which in turn are provided by shafts of great precision traversing the Pyramid, and the chambers at specific locations and of specific dimensions. All of this has been executed with a precision completely unparalleled and unrealisable by us today. Above all, we have no idea why such a phenomenal effort would have consumed an entire civilisation. The answer lies in the question of alignment indeed, but not just for Egypt. It involves the Earth’s axis itself; spatial however, unlike the Mother’s chamber where it is a question of time axial alignment as these Chronicles demonstrate and true to the Rig Veda heritage.
The mass, proportions and design of the Great Pyramid brought about a ‘shifting of the poles’, as it were. To be more accurate, it was a balancing factor, a compensation, if you will. For example, while the 5 days over the 360 of the perfect circle have to be accommodated in the Mother’s core, so too in the Great Pyramid the spatial equivalent needed to be factored. It is similar to a weight placed at a particular point in a rolling sphere so that a determined course and rotation could be attained and maintained. Knowledge of the secrets of mass and proportion provided those hallowed Initiates with the means to ‘conquer space’. In the Mother’s chamber the element we deal with is time. Thus the precision demanded now, similar to the construction of the Great Pyramid, involves the correct measurements of the chamber and, above all, the correct dimensions of the globe and pedestal and their location beneath the descending solar ray. In both instances a ‘rectification’ of a certain imbalance is the issue. The Earth is sacred within the solar system because she houses an evolving species which can ponder these mysteries and serve as conscious instruments for this ‘correction process’, with all that it signifies. At no other place in our System is this operation possible.            
The supramental process in the Mother’s Chamber
This is the goal of the concentration the Mother referred to as central to the experience her Vision would provide. It is similarly a question of alignment. The aspirant must attain in his or her consciousness-being the very same alignment the ray, globe and pedestal express – for which reason the Mother referred to that marvel of geometry and form as ‘the symbol of the future realisation’. For this he/she must engage the assistance of Time, the fourth and final aid of the Yoga, as Sri Aurobindo has stated. The process requires a time-alignment but it has become entirely impossible in India at present, with its 23-day late Makar Sankranti. Therefore the Mother took birth of Egyptian ancestry, so that she could provide the terms for a rectification process that would carry India to a fulfilment of her true Vedic destiny. Not the illusory dreams of becoming a ‘superpower’, economic or otherwise. India has a unique role to play, one that only she can fill, indeed a central role – for it is precisely that of centre. In this alone lies her destiny and fulfilment. Until she corrects the time factor as the Mother’s chamber indicates, that centre remains a void which usurpers can fill. She has no one to blame but herself. She has allowed for the confusion; she alone can bring it to an end.
A descent of the order described in these Chronicles which requires a new field will bring with it a new body of knowledge as well. This will be the solid foundation of the field and the community of individuals throughout the world who are attached to that hallowed Point. For the crucial element that holds the circumference of individual lights to itself is the properly aligned centre of perfect measure and form. With that in place the life of the individual elements that populate this emerging cosmos is governed by the higher laws which the new Gnosis establishes. Everything is thus made new by this descent; and the community spread throughout the world must not seek to impose the old on the new.
The descent and the newness it brings can be visually transmitted by imagining a circle consisting of innumerable points of light. These are the worldwide members of the community. They orbit a luminous Sun at the centre. This is the Mother’s inner chamber as it exists in the creative zone of the physical. They are held to the Centre by the magnetic power of the Soul that it is, and magnified a thousand times by the proportions of its design and by the new alignment it embodies. The Centre IS that Soul, but by virtue of the new precision which alone can bring a true Soul into being via sacred geometry. This lies far beyond any individual’s capabilities, or any group of individuals; and in this instance it is achieved through the Supramental Descent, the line of beings descended from the Sun, as it were, those who bring with them the solar Gnosis upon which the new city-consciousness is founded.
There is a difference between the field of the Integral Yoga (the Ashram) and that of the Supramental Yoga (the City). Again we may refer to our circle for a better understanding of that difference. In the former we have the same circle of individual lights, as it were, in orbit of a centre. Before the work had matured that Centre was provided by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. They alone served as the magnetic holding element. Sadhaks orbited this sacred Pair in a relation of point-to-centre exclusively. That was the extent of what was possible in that field.
We can understand the limitation when we recall that Sri Aurobindo was not satisfied with founding his work on the lines of a traditional ashram. Yet this is precisely what happened, though he was very clear on this point. It is because time had not ripened to permit the new alchemy. In a word, the time had not come. Then on 29 February 1956, these were the very words the Mother heard at the moment of the Supramental Manifestation: ‘The time has come.’ Indeed, from that moment onward a true newness came into being which could not be accommodated in the old field (the Ashram). This was the origin of the City, for that describes the new field: a City-Consciousness. During the period of Sri Aurobindo’s first appearance, the ‘boundaries’ imposed on him by the Time-Spirit would not allow for anything other than a field that could accommodate the Integral Yoga. That was the first foundation. Though he knew it was not the ultimate of his vision, he nonetheless remained within that boundary until ‘the time had come’. But this required a withdrawal from this plane, followed by his return according to a supramental process of clearly defined Laws.
We have referred to the second foundation as an ‘extended’ field. There had to be an expansion that would accommodate a significant increase of energies for the new processes that were to manifest, a symbolic ‘city’. These would be global; they would have a universal application. The only such universality that issued from the First Field was from the consciousness-beings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother themselves. The collectivity that surrounded them was necessary for amassing energies to permit the functioning of the Integral Yoga, the entire focus of the Work at that time.
In the First Foundation there was no harmony of the points on the periphery, or the points on the circumference, between themselves. The boundaries of the Work as established by the Time-Spirit permitted only point-to-centre operations. The sadhaks were concerned only with their sadhanas and the experience of the Inner Divine embodied in Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.
On the other hand, when the Work had reached a specific degree of maturity that First Foundation could not accommodate the demands a supramental yoga would impose. In a sense we could state that the process then became multi-dimensional. It is also point-to-centre as in the first field, but there is an additional harmony between the individual points on the circumference. In our circle demonstration it would be 1) point-to-centre, 2) points among themselves, and finally 3) that collective harmony as an INTEGRATED WHOLE in relation to the Centre. These are the parameters of the new Supramental Yoga as expressed through the City-Consciousness. All three activities must find an accommodation in the new field. Therefore there must be an extended Boundary that will allow for the right increase of energies to permit this extension, or the expansion of the original boundary. Nothing of this wider operation is possible unless certain energies are added to the alchemy represented in the gnostic symbolism of the City.
We find the image of the City in a number of Puranic stories and also in a very early Christian text, written before the codification of the Church had come into being. In 70 CE, St John prophesied the ‘descent’ of the heavenly City in his Apocalypse, in a vision that tallies remarkably with the details of the Supramental Descent of our times. Furthermore, a temple and measure were central to John’s prophetic vision, similar to the Mother’s.
To bring about the harmonisation and integration of parts, centre, and the all, a special collective yoga is required. This is accomplished when the Mother’s inner chamber comes into being because it is the perfectly aligned Centre that corrects the 5 over 360 of our Earth Time within the consciousness-being of each aspirant. For it is this very same ‘correction’ that takes place in the consciousness-fibre of the Gnostic Being to allow him/her to be a channel for the new supramental consciousness to become established on Earth.
Capricorn and the December Solstice hold the key to the process. In that Cosmic Midday Cardinal Pole lies the answer; we must become aligned beneath the Sun that casts no shadows, just as the Mother’s ‘symbol of the future realisation’ describes. The 23 degree 26 tilt of the Earth’s axis is brought into a higher harmony by this superior poise to allow for a new heaven to manifest and to descend on Earth. Thus is a new Earth born of the ‘seed’ of a new heaven, and all things are made new.   
The Age of Equilibrium
Truly there are no mysteries when the veils of our unconsciousness are drawn aside. The accomplishments of the pre-pharaonic Egyptians are superbly clear in the monuments those Initiates left for us to piece together. With the veils drawn aside it becomes evident that India and Egypt have followed a similar trajectory covering thousands of years. But while the Egyptian effort appears to have reached a cul-de-sac, India somehow managed to carry the torch forward into our times when the Mother’s temple would descend to make cosmic sense of it all.
The interesting fact to note is that both India and Egypt moved into a dark age at about the same time in the Age of Taurus, approximately 6000 years ago. Some are inclined to view the Egypt of that period as approaching an apotheosis rather than the beginning of a decline. But Pharaonic Egypt was a distant relative of the civilisation that left us the Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids. The latter was preoccupied with pure geometry – i.e., sacred proportion and alignment. No embellishment was needed to carry out the alchemy. But with the Pharaonic period of our recorded history, the position was significantly altered. The Valley of Kings with its magnificent temples, for example, reveals the shift that overtook the earlier civilisation. It is the very same shift, or slumber if you will, that overtook Vedic civilisation. Something of the former times remains, but not quite the same.
In the Vedic Age prior to the Puranic, as pointed out in these Chronicles, only pure geometry was required for higher processes. These sacred geometrical structures were called vedi; commonly translated as altars. But as the Sanskrit word reveals, knowledge was the essence of those sacred structures.
When darkness set in, similar to Egypt, the Hindu temple arose and displaced the simple, direct and hallowed vedi. And they grew in size and grandeur to the monuments we know today. This was a necessary subterfuge when the Knowledge was forced underground. But it was nonetheless a diminishing: while the outer form increased and became more elaborate, the essence, the knowledge went ever deeper under the coverings that slumber provided. However, certain aspects were preserved. In analysing them we can now discuss in greater depth the joint contribution of these two great civilisations. For example, the question of spatial conquest is revealed as central to the pre-pharaonic civilisation of Egypt in every aspect of their extant monuments. But to better appreciate the relationship we must see this spatial obsession in relation to its true sense which is a cosmic direction – i.e., EXPANSION. Thus, the very massiveness of all Egyptian structures, starting with the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza down to the later Pharaonic temples and tombs, indicate that they were consumed with an obsession to somehow leave an imprinting involving the spatial conquest; or better, to fulfil a destined purpose as a civilisation involving the principle of expansion. Ancient Egypt thus fulfilled its part of the bargain which the Sphinx was prophesying – the Lion half.
On the other hand, Vedic civilisation, while evolving along similar lines within an identical timeframe, expresses an obsession with the complimentary cosmic direction, CONTRACTION. Egypt displayed its spatial obsession through the massive structures it bequeathed to human civilisation. Nothing in those extant monuments encourages the psychic experience so central to every Hindu Temple. In the latter there is a compelling, irresistible contraction that forces the seeker into his/her innermost central space in an interiorising drive into the soul. And this is fully expressed in all Hindu structures. Whereas in any Egyptian monument the exact opposite is experienced: the aspirant is cosmicised by the sheer grandeur of their proportions, and, above all, their alignment.
At this point it must be noted that India stands for the soul of the Earth. The divine Purpose of the existence of this third planet from the Sun is a psychic evolution, a planet within the System where the soul can evolve and create a superior manifestation in a transformed field. This was not Egypt’s task. A partnership is the call of the hour for reasons which will be made clear.
Also to be noted is that the expansion induced in the Egyptian monument is not the same as a dissolution into transcendence of Buddhist structures, or in the Christian Gothic Cathedrals where the size and opulence force the seeker to experience a humbling before the overwhelming power of the Creator. In Egypt cosmic transcendence was never the issue as it is in Buddhism; or else what we find in the later orthodox religions of the Age of Pisces when otherworldliness and heavens after death became the sole focus of worship. Pre-pharaonic Egypt was not obsessed with transcendence but with the cosmic direction it was called upon to establish on Earth: expansion. It did not seek to obliterate cosmic existence but to find a harmony with and within the material universe.
However, this would have little relevance until the other end of the Sphinx/time-axis had manifested. Unless the principle of contraction becomes established, the work of expansion the ancients accomplished will serve to destroy the Earth because what is demanded is balance, equilibrium, known to the ancients, but now a knowledge long lost. This is what must be offered by India as centre-soul of the Earth.
For this reason astronomers and scientific cosmologists ponder endlessly over whether the universe is expanding to its ultimate disintegration, or collapsing into a monstrous Black Hole, given the ‘dark matter’ we cannot account for out there. Science is also caught in the conundrum of expansion versus contraction – the ‘secret’ of the Sphinx.
Actually the two directions are contiguous, simultaneous, indeed as depicted in the single-bodied Sphinx. But it is only when India fulfils her part of the prophecy that this cosmic puzzle will be solved for science. Meanwhile, we struggle to reinstate the Mother’s original Vision and Act of Measuring at the heart of her work because it is the new vedi that answers the demands of both Egypt and India, and science and spirituality as well. 
The Balancing Universe
There was a discontinuity between pre-pharaonic Egypt and the later Pharaonic period; an unaccounted-for gap of several thousand years exists. During that time fragments of earlier accomplishments are found here and there across the globe, in very ancient Peru and Bolivia, for example, seat of the Incan ‘descendants of the Sun’, and then in the Vedic Age. India did not experience a gap as such, though the actual origins of her Vedic knowledge are lost to us, as demonstrated by the Capricorn symbol-map. We see the development from a certain point in history rather clearly. We move from the Vedic Age, as recorded in the Veda, to the Puranic period when the Knowledge was forced underground. In between, the description of a dilution, if it may be so called, is mirrored in the successive Upanishads. The early texts are closer to the Vedic Source; but then there is a distancing as otherworldliness began to encroach upon the Earth-oriented realisation of the ancient Rishis. It is a very different culture that we observe in the subcontinent in Medieval India.
Regarding Egypt, however, we have no such clear documentation. But we do have the Giza Pyramids that stand as witness to a civilisation in perfect alignment with the heavenly surround, as pre-eminently demonstrated in their very alignment: the Great Pyramid and its two companions are exact replicas on Earth of Orion’s Belt in the constellation of that name. Moreover, it was in 10,500 BCE that a perfect overhead alignment would have last occurred with those distant stars. And in this manner the ancients also provided us with the means to locate the time of their creation: 12,000 years ago, or in the astrological Age of Leo, just as the hallowed Sphinx announces.
The period of Man/Aquarius is pinpointed for us as the last of Vishnu’s famous ‘three strides to measure the universe’. We began this most sacred passage in 1926, when Sri Aurobindo laid the foundation by his own realisation that very year, thus allowing for the coming Supramental Manifestation. 
The Age of Fulfilment
This is the time when all the threads are pulled together, when the lines of the Supramental Descent are drawn and the pieces are put in place, for it is the last and highest of Vishnu’s strides; and the last Avataric appearance. But this covers a development of many thousands of years. We will provide a superb example of the manner in which this ‘thread pulling’, so to speak, is taking shape in our very own times, and through these very Chronicles; the reader can then appreciate that this is not a meaningless exercise but that its purpose is vast and comprehensive. The example we provide is from a portion of the 13
th volume of The Mother’s Agenda, page 177 of the English version, and page 267 of the original French. A brief background should be given beforehand to enhance the impact of the Mother’s words. It should be noted that the basis of the Knowledge brought down by the Mother and contained in the original vision and plan of her Inner Chamber was revealed through the properties of a Name. This was in ancient Greek and its numerical equivalent is 9, 5, 1. With this Name, given a year before the Mother’s comments that we reproduce, the answers were provided to the questions she raised. The reader must note that the Name is not just a name. It corresponds to the circle of 12 zodiacal signs, or else to the 12-sided chamber of the Mother’s original plan. That is, when these numbers are superimposed on the circle divided into twelve parts (the zodiac), they coincide with the three Fire signs, - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the 1st, the 5th, and the 9th. 
When these 9, 5, 1 are in turn superimposed on the same circle but divided into nine parts, the numbers coincide with the points of the Sacred Triangle, 9, 6, and 3. In other words, the formula of the Supramental Descent.
As in the name 9, 5, 1 and the Fire Trinity we come to one of the most formidable revelations the zodiac provides. With it we can decipher the enigmas of the astrological ages through the Map of the 12 Manifestations, reproduced below. Its validity was later confirmed by the Veda when verses in the Atharvaveda were discovered that fit the description of this special key. And with it we learn that the questions the Mother posed in 1972 have indeed been answered, but in a manner she would never have imagined possible. For it is only with the final piece of the puzzle which she herself provided, the inner chamber, that the prophecy of an unending manifestation, of a universe of equilibrium, could be actualised. Before that, similar to what we have written above, what Theon proclaimed, her teacher in the early part of the 20th Century, could not come to pass. The intuited equilibrium was a cosmic necessity, but it required the Mother’s revelation, the subsequent supramental descent and the yoga that it inspired to make his perception a reality of our times.

Disciple: …It seems that scientifically the end of the world is inevitable – because of a cooling down and the forces of gravity.
The Mother: Théon used to say that up to now there had been ... that this was the seventh creation; there had been six creations before which were ‘reabsorbed’ – just as you said. And this one was the seventh, but it wouldn’t be reabsorbed, it would transform itself. There we are. Instead of that destruction by the sun which so far has ultimately led to the disappearance of the creation,1 this time the creation would go on transforming itself, to become again the Supreme and manifest Him.
Théon and Sri Aurobindo didn’t know each other, you see, they never met each other, they didn’t even know of each other’s existence. Yet Théon proclaimed... (I don’t remember what he called the new world) what Sri Aurobindo calls the ‘Supramental’. What’s remarkable – interesting, you know, strikingly interesting – is that without knowing each other, with totally different approaches, they reached the same conclusion.
And we are precisely at the time when ... the other creations had come to an end; but instead of coming to an end, this one will be transformed. How? I have no idea.
The interesting thing in man is that materially speaking, he is ... a mere nothing, a second lost in eternity – a tangled web of weaknesses – but in terms of consciousness, he has the capacity to understand. His consciousness is capable of contacting the supreme Consciousness. So naturally there are all those who wanted to merge back into that Consciousness, but Sri Aurobindo said: the point is not to merge back into it but to make the world capable of manifesting that supreme Consciousness.
That’s ultimately the whole point.
How did they arrive at the same conclusion? ... There must have been a reason for them to know the same thing at the same time, in totally different countries and without ever knowing about each other.
And I met one and the other.
Obviously, it is of great interest.
It is truly interesting because this physical being [the Mother’s] was not born in an important position, quite the contrary [gesture indicating an ordinary background].... The only thing I remember well is when I was a little girl (five or six years old, I can’t say exactly), a very little girl, seated in a little armchair made especially for me, and I would feel a GREAT Force above my head [the Mother raises a finger above her head]. And already at that age (the way a child thinks, you know) I knew 'that' was sure to accomplish great things.... I didn’t understand anything, I didn’t know anything.              

That is it now: instead of pralaya, transformation.

(long silence)
And now it is transformation instead of pralaya.
Theon was mistaken in believing that the present Manifestation is the 7th. It is actually the 9th. But there was an important element to his discovery, especially pertinent to the contents of this Chronicle. With the Precession of the Equinoxes applied to our Map, the key to unravel the mysteries, we discover that the 7th Manifestation (Theon’s) was the period of 6480 years during which time the Great Pyramid was constructed. Each of the 12 Manifestations consists of 3 sign/ages. Here is the Map:

Map of the 12 Manifestations
(The Astrological Ages)
                 1 Age (1 sign) = 2160 years
                  1 Manifestations (3 signs) = 6480 years
                  1 Round (12 signs) = 25,920 years
                  1 Great Circle (12 Manifestations) = 77,760 years
                  1 Greater Circle (4 Great Circles, or 144 signs) = 311,040 years
From: Symbols and the Question of Unity, The Gnostic Circle, The New Way, Aeon Books

It is to be noted that the 7th Manifestation consists of the astrological ages Virgo, Leo and Cancer. Vishnu’s Age of Preservation is lodged between Virgo and Cancer. Leo, the Lion, was the first of Vishnu’s ‘strides to measure the universe’, it may be remembered. Theon was correct in understanding that there would be no pralaya any more because a certain equilibrium had been attained. Indeed, the 7th Manifestation, which he called the ‘seventh creation’, according to the Mother, would rightfully correspond to the astrological 7th sign, Libra, precisely the sign of balance and equilibrium. It was during that 7th that the Sphinx and Great Pyramid were constructed; and according to the revelations in this Chronicle, they did provide a particular equilibrium by virtue of their connection with the conquest of Space. However, that was only half of the process; the remainder neither the Mother nor Theon knew of at the time. Almost an entire century would elapse before the knowledge would be complete; and more interestingly, it would all hinge on the Mother’s own revelation.
Thus, we have to marvel at the Mother’s comment that both these men came to the same conclusion though there was no contact between them. There was, however, a ‘connecting link’, as it were. It was the Mother herself.
Perhaps the problem could be traced to the name Theon. Similar to Thea of 9, 5, 1, it too must be of Greek origin. But the ‘n’ alters the equation and withholds the knowledge; the time had not yet come.2
Indeed, the 7th Manifestation of Libra/Leo was fundamental. The work accomplished then hinged on this question of equilibrium. But the real nature of the ‘balancing’ was prophesied by the Sphinx: two Manifestations were involved, the 7th and the 9th an axis cutting across the zodiacal wheel as the Map reveals, the Air and Fire trinities. The Age of Leo, Vishnu’s first ‘stride’, would provide one end of the axis; Aquarius, his highest, would provide the last and most essential, without which there would indeed be a pralaya. The ‘balance’ (Libra) would be tilted irrevocably and Pralaya would result; but this time it would be an everlasting slumber, just as when the work is completed successfully now, there will be an eternal equilibrium and an unending manifestation of the Light.
For this reason we are faced constantly with the reminder of an ineluctable reaping either way. We have weapons of colossal destructive power on our planet such as the world has never known. Unless a ‘balancing factor’ manifests the scales will be tilted and Pralaya will result. But the real nature of that ‘balance’ is the point.
Therefore, the question of ‘correcting the tilt’ is of supreme importance. The questions the Mother posed are answered by these Chronicles and related publications. The pre-pharaonic Egyptians were engaged in this pursuit, like the contemporary companions of the Mother through her ‘sorting out process’ have been, in her remarkable contribution to the alchemy. The readers of these Chronicles must appreciate that involvement with the Mother’s chamber for the past 33 years bears this singular accomplishment at its heart. The distortion of the Vision, the disfigurement of her original Plan in Auroville furthers the tilt to Pralaya; it does nothing to further the eternal Equilibrium promised by the Supramental Descent. And we have the Mother’s own words and her original plan to vindicate our dedication.
The Mother’s ‘sorting out’ has borne the desired results. There now exists a core of individuals worldwide who further that Vision. The physical Auroville construction, unrelated to her Vision except by the shadow it casts, is left to its own devices, to reap the choice the community and builders there have sown. 
Matrimandir Action Committee
February 2004

1 Pralaya of Hindu tradition.
2 See The Tenth Day of Victory, Aeon Books, 2003, Chapters 7, 30 and 38, and the letter reproduced on page 256, for more details regarding the Name and its significance.

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