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Update 6: The Sumatra Tsunami, Geocosmology, and the Mother's Temple

(From June 2004 Matrimandir Action Committee published updates with new revelations and information relevant to the Mother’s Vision and its activities with reference to the CHRONICLES OF THE INNER CHAMBER, as posted earlier on this blog:  Introduction', 'Manifesto',  Part I - PrefacePart II, Part III, Part IV, Part V Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX Part X, Part XI and Part XII. Link to Update 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)   

Update 6 – 24 February 2005

‘…If the measurement of the temple is in every way perfect.
There is perfection in the universe as well.’ (Mahamaya, XXII, 92)

On December 26, 2004, a tremendous natural upheaval occurred, unlike anything the world has record of. Given the advances of our 21st Century communications media, scenes of this devastation were continuously flashed across the globe, drawing our attention to the event almost as it was transpiring. As in all such situations, this too served to prove that we are one world. From all corners people watched the raging spectacle and commiserated with the millions affected by this devastation. We were made a part of the phenomenon along with its victims, in a sense. And so colossal was the destruction that unprece-dented relief efforts have been set in motion, again drawing us all together as one family.
For readers familiar with the new cosmology referred to time and again in the Chronicles, it is the location of the tsunami that is of special interest. When maps were relayed across our television screens, one could not fail to note that the area struck by the wave was precisely the ‘tail’ of the Capricorn hieroglyph (below) which delineates the landmass of Akhand Bharat – the full and true body of Mother India (see CIC 8). The Tail of the glyph reproduced here points to all the nations affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. We can visualise a circle drawn within the Tail area and note that the quake was almost an excuse to draw into orbit all these nations. But there is more that needs to be discussed now that the dust has settled, so to speak, which involves the theme of these Chronicles, - the Mother’s original plan of her Inner Chamber.

In the symbol-map the three Gunas of Indian tradition have been added, but with a major difference. They are in their correct positions, the correct ‘flow’, Rajas to Sattva to Tamas. The practice of placing Sattva in front and the rest behind was the surest way to lose the cosmic connection. This misplacement was the result of the otherworldly goal that in one form or another had become the apex of every yogic path and for which attainment the Sattva Guna was the most appropriate.
            The secret hidden in this zodiacal glyph, traditionally known as the Name of God, is precisely the three Gunas in their correct order insofar as this allows us to make the connection with the heavens. The section that we draw attention to in this Update is the Tamas portion which extends down to the Tail.
            On numerous occasions this Convenor has written about the destructive activity of Nature that the area frequently experiences. We quote from The New Way, Volume 2, page 355, written in 1977 and published in 1981: ‘One of the most crucial areas of her Body [Mother India] is the armpit of the left arm, Bangladesh [and continuing down the Tail], because this area stands at the point of transition from Capricorn to Sagittarius and coincides with the mouth of the Ganges. The energy change there is from rajas (Capricorn) to tamas (Sagittarius). It is a tremendously potent point – hence even nature manifests there in her full power when cyclones rage into this armpit with a force only occasionally felt elsewhere on the globe…’.
            The shift noted above refers to the geo-cosmology of this New Way when the zodiac is laid across the globe, starting at Greenwich with 0 degrees Aries and moving eastward in a backward movement through the signs similar to the direction of the precession of the equinoxes. In a splendid manifestation of the Harmony, when we reach India it is exactly at that point that the sign Capricorn begins – her own ruler, according to the tradition – 60 degrees east. Thereafter the entire Capricorn map is displayed on the landmass, covering 40 degrees of longitude. But each zodiacal sign consists of only 30 degrees; thus, when the ‘armpit’ noted above is reached in this eastward flow, we observe that the sign Sagittarius begins, continuing to the end of the glyph for 10 degrees; hence the energy shift from rajas (Capricorn) to tamas (Sagittarius) mentioned above. At that convergence point between the two signs, the mouths of Ganga are located. It is, as it were, a time-space ‘fault’. Here is the geo-cosmic ruler, reproduced from The New Way, Volume 2, Chapter 9:

Distinctions need to be made between various natural phenomena. Cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes, all have ‘centres’ – eyes, as they are termed. They are organised formations but numerous, spread throughout the outer coverings of the Earth, amidst her veils, as it were. On the other hand we have volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and resultant tsunamis which have their origins in the very bowels of the planet. That is where their ‘centre’ is found, - in this single ‘core’. The difference is significant. While the atmosphere is prolific in its multiplication of such phenomena, each with its own eye, the movement of the Earth’s crust owes its being to this core activity, to pressures exerted from within. The outer phenomena is measurable, we can follow the development, sometimes over many days, and prepare ourselves; there are no surprises involved. But the key feature of the other is precisely the element of the unexpected.
We now need to add to the tally of past cyclones that have ravaged the armpit area the tsunami of 2004, which covered not only something of the upper portion but the entire Tail. In fact it is clear that the emphasis this time around was not the armpit proper; rather, it was the Tail, - the whole of it. Indeed, the quake that the clash between the India and Burma plates generated – a fault line that stretches inside and along the Tail’s bottom section - seems to have been a whiplash of sorts, as if the Tail where these plates are located had been flicked like a massive whip in the hands of some raging Elemental that threw back into the area its fullest fury. If we could describe the holocaust in one word it would be rage.
Readers of these Chronicles and Updates may feel that this has nothing to do with the Mother’s Vision, much less with her plan of the Inner Chamber. But this is not the case since the entire Symbol-Map is given pride of place in her enlightened plan.
As reported in CIC 8, the total area of India – 40 degrees long. east and 30 degrees lat. north – is ‘contained’ in the 70 cms Globe (40+30=70), as given by the Mother and confirmed by the Knowledge. This is done on the basis of the Laws of Correspondence and Equivalence, a method reserved for Rishis of a very high order such as the Mother (see CIC7).
Having ‘contained’ or ‘corresponded’ the total landmass of Akhand Bharat in the Globe, the next step was to link the landmass to the year. This means that Time and Space would thus converge in the Globe (and Pedestal). To achieve this harmonisation the positioning of the descending solar Ray (the year) must be exact; and in order to attain that precision, the height of the stone Pedestal must be 50 cms.
When these measurements are honoured a very great aid is at our disposal to bring a similar harmony into the landmass in question; in this case the obvious effect would be an emphasis on the unity of the area in fulfilment of the high destiny that Capricorn signifies. But when these measurements are inexact, obviously no such help is given and the reverse can be experienced; or else, whatever is attained is on the basis of great efforts: sizeable expenditures of energy for very little gain.
The destiny of the Mother’s vision as a focal point for the Laws of Correspondence and Equivalence to operate was a thing decreed long ago. That special destiny could not be changed regardless of the ego’s interference, ‘…the things men do’, to quote the Mother. Inasmuch as the containment would operate in spite of the resistances met along the way of the Chamber’s descent into Earth time and space, the disturbances such interferences and disbelief would engender had also to be accommodated; but not without a certain toll. In other words, the destiny is played out negatively.
There has thus been a contingency plan in effect to assuage that negativity since the mid 1970s when the Auroville Matrimandir fell irretrievably under the sway of a lesser ‘purpose’. It then became a stronghold of a power inimical to all that the harmonious form stands for; in other words, a retrograde force, a tool of Inertia. Thus we note that over these three decades during which time the contingency plan has been operating in full, on a certain dimension the Mother’s work seemed to have reached an impasse: nothing of its high truth was visible in the world; and the temple in her name was the focal point of deception and mis-measure. What was being accomplished, however, was in secret chambers – but very consciously undertaken. The objective was to counter the retrograde effects of the force that had usurped this sacred-most area on the planet, at the heart of the landmass of her very own Soul – India. During this period the destructive effects of that force were held within certain boundaries by this contingency method in a process of containment based on the aforementioned Laws.
In 1983 a major turning point was reached. In this contingency plan it was the year of the Globe in what has come to be known as the Yoga of the Chamber. Throughout the ennead of the 1980s (1980-1989) the inner chamber was ‘constructed’ by yogic methods in order to cement the Mother’s original plan in the atmosphere. This was the only means to counter the construction of disharmonious form and measure. It was the only method to save what could be saved for the future of the Work.
This intense period lasted throughout the 1980s, a very special decade. Only in that decade – or, more properly, ennead - could a particular facet of the chamber be duly set in place. By yogic methods of a very special order, ancient yet new, each year one particular object of the Chamber was thus ‘constructed’. The method’s newness lies in the fact that there is always a renewal because of the role Time and the Becoming must necessarily play in this renovation. With each rising Sun the divine Usha brings a new dawn as she appears on the horizon on her white steed, Agni, carrying her luminous rays in ever-increasing abundance into the lived experience of life on this sacred planet, respecting the demands of the dynamic flow of Time. And it was by the express aid of Time itself that the rectification was done, hinging on the measure of the Year.
Thus 1983 of 3 number-power was the year that the Globe had to be ‘set in place’. This meant that the distorted horizontal and vertical axes which had been cemented in the Auroville model required ‘correction’ so that the perfect Centre could be realised. It was a labour of untold difficulty given the nature of the resistance and the objective to be attained. We were not only dealing with a situation involving a handful of devotees and the mental aberrations of one architect-usurper. Contained in the effort was the deviation the entire body of Indian spirituality had taken centuries ago, represented in the off-centre axis which created a void where there should be the fullness that emanates from a true centre. In terms of the human endeavour, this is a rightly poised consciousness-being, in turn the outcome of a birth that fills the void. This was indeed accomplished in 1983. The direction was then inward, into a Point, no longer to the Beyond. And thus was born the true Centre, and with it the Earth’s express contribution to her planetary family was redeemed.
The result was a before and after. Nothing would be the same after this breakthrough. Everything would need to be assessed in the light of this ‘birth’. What was in harmony with that could be termed ‘new’. There could be no mixture thereafter, as the Mother had warned, because the Void of the Ages had been filled. In other words, the Usurper’s days were numbered.

Further details of this unique process are not important for MAC readers to know, though the results of these operations have been documented in numerous publications, starting in 1985 with the appearance of The Vishaal Newsletter which was issued every two months until 1996 as a means of keeping the group spread throughout the world informed of the progress as it was taking place. But the 1983 positioning of the Globe via the rectification of the crosswise axes was only the beginning. Nonetheless, it marked a significant turning point in that the victory was thereafter secure – a Golden Seed had been planted in the heart of Time. There could be no going back because Time’s on-going, forward march is irreversible.
Together with the translucent Globe (1983) the stone pedestal had to be ‘positioned’ in 1984. But its placement was a foregone conclusion when the Globe that received the Golden Seed was set in place through whose bosom this Seed passes. The Globe determines the measurements and form of the Pedestal (see CIC 7). Thus 1983 and 1984 must be viewed as one connected yogic operation: the successful accomplishment involving the Globe could only result in the proper Pedestal. And this too is faithful to the Knowledge and the contours of the Supramental Manifestation as designed by the Supreme Shakti.
There were 27 years set aside for the ‘descent’ of the Chamber, 1971 to 1998, and the related yogic processes it set in motion. We note that 1983-4 was the exact midway point in this designated period. By 1998 the task was largely completed. The Inner Chamber was then an indestructible element in the Mother’s work, at its very heart. From that time the process of exposure could begin. MAC is a part of that on-going process.
Now we must focus on the deeper ‘contents’ of the translucent Globe and what its placement by yogic methods meant for the Mother’s work as Executor of the Supreme’s Will.
The first 15 degrees of the zodiacal month/sign Capricorn are ‘contained in the Globe’. This, as pointed out in the Chronicles, is the traditional Festival of Light: 21-22 December to 5-6 January. The inner chamber is the abode of the Time-Spirit, and this is his most sacred festival. The measurements as given by the Mother bring about the correction Sri Aurobindo referred to regarding Kalki’s coming. That birth is foretold and confirmed in those measurements (see CIC 9). But with the distortion on the ground, at the 12th latitude bordering the tsunami-hit area, the yogic ‘construction’ of the Chamber was vital.
The point of this Update on the tsunami occurrence is simply to reveal that after the process of exposure was successfully accomplished (the Yoga of the Chronicles), these two versions of the Inner Chamber could no longer stand side-by-side. One or the other had to be un-done as centre-focus of the Mother’s work. Her true vision could no longer be suppressed.
And so it has come to pass. The power of Inertia that was able to usurp the physical space only because the measurements had been changed received a fatal blow. It could almost be seen plunging in a rage into the nearby ocean depths because of this failure to impose its stamp of Death on the Mother’s work, its failure to hold the Earth in its coil of mortality forever after.
This brings to mind a warning that was issued, in a monograph entitled, What is Wrong with Matrimandir in 1977. This document was circulated throughout the Sri Aurobindo Ashram when the Mother’s original vision was lost forever in the Auroville construction. The repercussions of this defiance were all too clear, as the following reveals, the strategy of the Usurper was more than obvious:
‘…The matter becomes doubly difficult when the dark power places itself at the Centre, at the very Soul point, and there disguises itself as this very thing. In so doing it consolidates its hold and enjoys a unique protection, by taking refuge in the very heart of the organism. Thus as it grows its eradication one day would necessitate the destruction of the new creation itself. Once it has taken hold, to uproot it would require such a tremendous shock that the tender new creation could not withstand the impact and would ultimately be carried away in the process. If the dark power is to go, it seeks to establish itself in such a position that it is able to carry with it the new creation about to be born, to carry it down into the whirlpool of a primordial Chaos. For this reason the Heart is its most coveted object, and it must at the outset establish itself there…’ (p.44-45).
The landmass encompassed by the Capricorn symbol is contained in the Globe by means of the Laws of Correspondence due to the fact that in time the sacred 10th month of Capricorn is ‘contained’ in the Globe. This is the applicable nature of Oneness that plays such a central role in the Supramental Manifestation. And therefore the Goddess Savitri is commanded by the Supreme to bring this gift back to Earth together with Love. That applied Oneness materialises before our inner eye in the Mother’s true Chamber because time and space have been harmonised and integrated in the single descending solar Ray of the chamber of ‘perfect measure’. In this light the Mahamaya so wisely states that when the temple’s measurement is in every way perfect, there will be perfection everywhere.
The crystal and stand of the Auroville construction no longer serve any purpose. They do nothing to further that perfection. Just the contrary.


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