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Part XII - The Core and the World 3

[This is Part XII of The Chronicles of the Inner Chamber; readers of this series may first want to read the blog's 'Introduction' and the Matrimandir Action Committee's 'Manifesto',  Part I - PrefacePart II, Part III, Part IV, Part V Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX Part X or Part XI before continuing.]

     …It is something that we are searching for. Perhaps not merely searching for, but building.
      We are being used so that we may participate in the manifestation of that which is as yet inconceivable for everyone, because it is not yet there. It is an expression that is yet to come.
    …These positions, the spiritual and the ‘materialist’…are insufficient, not only because they do not admit each other, but because even admitting the two and uniting the two does not suffice to solve the problem. There is something else – a third thing which is not the result of these two, but something that is yet to be discovered, which will probably open the door to the total Knowledge.
    …I do not think that a single individual (on earth as it is now), however great he is, however eternal his consciousness and origin, can alone by himself change and realise,
change the world, change the creation as it is and realise the Higher Truth that will be a new world, a world more true, if not absolutely true. It seems certain that a number of individuals (till now it appears to be rather in time, as a succession, but it may also be in space, a collectivity) is indispensable so that this Truth may concretise and realise itself.
    I am practically sure of it.
    That is to say, however great, however conscious, however powerful an Avatar may be, he cannot, all alone realise the supramental life on earth. It is either a group in time, arranged in a file in time or a group spread over a space – perhaps both – that are indispensable for the realisation. I am convinced of it.
(Extracted from the Bulletin of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education,
August, 1962, pages 69-76; and L’Agenda de Mere, Vol. 1962.)

‘The symbol of the future realisation’ is the foundation of the New Way; and this is that ‘third thing’ the Mother refers to in the above dialogue. The Mother’s legacy provides all sincere seekers with every detail required to make participation in the establishment of the new supramental creation on Earth a conscious one, since this is the active ingredient without which the required centering and its companion alignment cannot come about. In the Atharvaveda there are important verses that provide a clue to the deeper purpose involved in the ‘future realisation’, which once occupied a foremost place in the Knowledge but has long since become just a distant memory, if anything remains of it at all.
‘Though manifest, it is yet hidden, secret,
its name is the Ancient, a mighty mode of being;
in Skambha is established all that moves and breathes. (AV X, 8)
Prior to these Chronicles it is hard to imagine what real and non-speculative sense could be made of these verses. Yet with Saraswati’s grace we have been able to uncover dimensions of the Veda similar to her own unveiling through satellite images in the mid-1980s, contiguous indeed with the yogic realisation of Skambha itself. And thus the ancient way is renewed, re-established in the midst of ‘all that moves and breathes’. That is, never denying the Becoming but through and by the passage of time, Skambha is set in place as the centre. It holds, it creates order of everything ‘that moves and breathes’.1
The Veda are re-established only by realising that same high truth through the same yogic processes of old but made new as all things are made new by the truth of that which moves. For several millennia we have had to tolerate a denial of that sacred Becoming in attendance of the Supramental Manifestation that could reinstate the way of the Ancient Ones within the context of our evolving world. In the Auroville Matrimandir we encounter a similar denial – nay, the epitome of that negation. We see emptiness instead of fullness; we see falsehood instead of truth by virtue of the fact that emptiness – shunya can never lead to Skambha and the Cosmic Truth. And without the realisation ‘that fills the void’, all that is un-Vedic triumphs and continues to subjugate the land where Purnata was that Cosmic Pillar, the ‘support’ of all the worlds, of all that ‘moves and breathes’. This is the Core’s Pedestal of the Mother’s Vision.
‘…Though manifest, it is yet hidden, secret…’ This describes the Masked Transcendent of Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri. It is the compact Fullness of the Zero, or 9/6/3, Transcendent, Cosmic, Individual as the great secret of our evolving world which is born of the Law of Three. The Transcendence, we thus realise, is not the dissolution of nirvana, which demands a severance and a denial of all that the soul knows to be true and eternal; indeed, a camouflaged denial of the Transcendent itself. The word in the supramental realisation is integration, each thing in its place so that ‘all that moves and breathes’ can indeed be set fast by this mighty mode of being. This is the message of Oneness that the Earth requires at these critical crossroads of her destiny.
The realisation the Veda encourages has the power to solve the paradoxes of our world. It brings into our conscious experience the Beyond which until now the human species has only been capable of knowing after death; or else by extending one’s consciousness to its extreme limits. And thus one returns to life on this planet again in a state of unknowing. One begins again the journey of life seeking to recapture that knowledge of the ‘hidden secret’. Our entire existence is a pursuit of that secret – for the most part without any awareness that we are seeking at all, much less what the nature of that pursuit is and its goal.
In the Mother’s chamber the Core identifies the foundation on which our life must be established so that alignment and centering can permit a new direction in our quest. We move INWARD, the rahasya of India, deep into the soul to find that Golden Seed and its compact fullness in the ‘cave’, or the Transcendent as the immanent One. This is the Core’s Pedestal and the truth of material creation. It is the eternal quest, the secret we seek.
For several millennia this direction has been denied by an undermining of the only foundation that can permit us to sustain the inward direction, or compression into the Point. The undermining has been so successful that a void is left in our innermost consciousness, a void through which we ESCAPE if the pressure of the inward plunge is too difficult to bear. The realisation that dismantles the undermining is simply to fill the Void. We give birth to the One, the divine Child. It is this luminous creature that has the power to fill the void – the very first step on the road to immortality.2
‘I have pierced the Void where Thought was born’ 3
The question to ask is, why was the direction changed? What caused such a complete shift in our collective consciousness so that the only reality for us is death and devastation? Several millennia ago the soul was denied, the nexus holding our consciousness centred in our world of time and space. In a word, the soul is the ‘hidden secret’ of the Mother’s chamber because it is the stable constant which permits us to experience the truth of that which moves. When that high Truth became synonymous with all that is impermanent and hence ‘unreal’, it was the demise of the way of the soul, of the inward plunge to a Point where the Immanent One is lodged in the ‘cave’ of each individual seeker. It was the beginning of a long and deep slumber for India, as well as for the rest of the world; or in the language of the Greek myth, it was the rape of Persephone and her imprisonment in the Underworld of Pluto. When we enter the true Chamber in the ‘creative zone of the physical’, as yet one dimension removed from our world, we see the Daughter, the third principle which is the Soul, a vision that was kept alive in the Eleusinian Mysteries until 396 AD. But so total has been the rejection of this third element in today’s Supramental Descent that nothing of the Mother’s Vision could find acceptance here below. Our world is a vast denial of all that the incarnate Soul stands for just as the Mother’s own vision was denied its descent into our world of measure, of time and of space. And if we cannot live the experience of the soul, this third planet has no further purpose in our solar system. Life evolves in this special location so that the experience can be conscious and the bliss the soul engenders can permeate our consciousness unhindered.
Our entire global civilisation fell under the spell of this great denial. The Goddess was eschewed and together with her went idol worship – or simply put, the acceptance of form as a central part of the Divine Manifestation, of measure and by consequence of all things born in time. After these several millennia of a deep slumber, in this 9th Manifestation and in this Age of Aquarius, we are born as a civilisation. We accept our place in the solar system and the divine Purpose of this third planet from the Sun, we give birth collectively and individually to the divine Child when perfect centering occurs, just as the Mother’s Vision describes; for this Child embodies that divine Purpose, the deepest secret of our existence on Earth and the recurring theme of so many of our myths. Indeed, it is the innermost secret of the soul itself. In the powerful imagery of the Puranic myth, it is Guha, the divine Son ‘hidden in the cave’ (of the heart).       
‘I had hoped to build a rainbow bridge’   
The Mother has been very clear about the work she carried out since 1956; or rather, what was entrusted to her care. There were certain boundaries to be respected that she described from time to time after 1956. Those boundaries kept her engaged in a labour ‘on the other side’, in the subtle dimensions though very close to the Earth. But still not here, which means that it was not yet rooted in this special act of Becoming. Apart from the dialogue quoted at the top of this Chronicle, there is another that draws our attention to the ‘boundaries’ when Supermind becomes active and creates its own conditions of manifestation. This was her 3 February 1958 description of precisely the work she was doing ‘on the other side’. In that dimension her experience took the form of a ship. It was in a supramental plane but she was very clear that there was a ‘missing link’ with the physical Earth. A ‘bridge’ had yet to be constructed linking these dimensions so that the Truth-Consciousness could become established here. ‘When I came back, simultaneously with the recollection of the experience I knew that the supramental world is permanent, that my presence there is permanent, and that only a missing link was necessary for the connection to be made in the consciousness and the substance, and it is this link which is now being forged…’ (Emphasis ours.)
It is in constructing this Bridge that time and space and measure become active ingredients. That is the method of rooting the Supermind in the Earth; and it is the only means. In other words, the Divine Measure has to be re-established so that what the Mother accomplished ‘up above’ can be brought down into what she called an ‘intermediate zone’ (the Bridge); the Mother was well aware of the fact that this was the ‘missing link’. And moreover, she understood that one Avatar would not suffice and that a ‘line in time’ was required; and perhaps in space as well. Indeed, the Bridge does cover spatial dimensions that could not be traversed without the powers ‘from below’. Supermind creates its own conditions of manifestation and it has done so impeccably for the Solar and Lunar Lines. No area of the labour has been left unattended because the four planes of existence must be covered. In fact, it is when the fourth plane needs to be integrated – the work of our own times – that all the threads can be pulled together and the ‘total Knowledge’, as the Mother intuited, can be given out. Before all four became active it was not possible.
The construction of the Bridge is the work of the Third in the Solar Line. It can come into being and thus provide that ‘missing link’, only when perfect centering and alignment have been yogically integrated into the Supramental Descent because the Bridge traverses the chasm between those subtle and dense worlds. This means that it is not an accomplishment external to the deepest truth of material creation. It has to be rooted in its deepest heart. Therefore the Centre is the field-boundary of the Third. And the Mother’s plan is her legacy, with which she has carried out that ‘future realisation’ just as it has been described by the Mother.
None of this has been kept secret. All along both the Mother and Sri Aurobindo have noted exactly how the Supramental Descent would take place. Particularly after 1956 there are numerous dialogues in which the Mother makes her position clear, even to the point of noting her ‘boundaries’. Time and again she records a difficulty in remembering the experience or the work she was engaged in during the night, or even in a daytime vision somehow out of the body, such as we have quoted in CIC 11. ‘Up there’ she often states that she understands fully; but when she tries to bring it to her waking consciousness here, that understanding eludes her.
Those boundaries kept both the Mother and Sri Aurobindo at labour in the ‘old creation’. This means that they worked from above in the manner of a descent. It is only at the third and fourth levels that the work from below begins because it is then that the Bridge is brought into being and the ‘missing link’ of the intermediate zone is forged. Time and space are central ingredients at that point, unlike when the work was localised in the subtle dimensions. Time and space are the tools for the construction; nothing else is required. And when they have provided the Bridge, the 9 can become the 10, and the work is done. Then truly a new world is born, bearing very little relation to the old. ‘I had the impression – an impression which remained for quite a long time, almost a whole day – of an extreme relativity – no, not exactly that: the impression that the relation between this world and the other completely changed the standpoint from which things should be evaluated or appraised… (ibid).’  

‘Come, let us slay him and end his course!
A community that exists for this express purpose, whose members incarnate because of a web of destiny that cuts across time and space, must have the grace of revelation to carry it to the fulfilment of that Purpose. This new creation is to become established in the midst of a hostile world. It would be na├»ve to ignore the fact; or to believe that a sentimental idea of transforming the world so that it will accept this newness in its midst is sufficient to protect its existence in the early stages. The Mother’s Vision, on the other hand, provides the real method of preservation in a hostile world. The method is to secure an alignment of consciousness-being that places one beyond the reach of hostile powers. We inhabit one universe within which are numerous layers or dimensions. There are different ‘laws’ operating in each of the layers. The reversal that takes place when the 9 becomes the 10 is that the individual moves into a dimension under the rule of simultaneous time. This is the property of the Solar World, the ancient swar. When Sri Aurobindo described this passage as the most difficult, it is because once having made the crossing into that ‘upper region’ new laws apply. One is out of reach of all the powers of the lesser regions. We appear to occupy the same physical space – but really we are ‘worlds apart’.
Once having made the passage, the 9 becoming the 10, the realisation can be expressed geometrically by the symbols Sri Aurobindo reserved for the Truth-Consciousness. The symbol of the Sun  conveys the position perfectly, for it expresses two key elements of the new consciousness: sphericality and simultaneity.
Vedic civilisation was based on these principles. The Laws of Correspondence and Equivalence can only function in a world where this passage – the 9 to the 10 – stands as its foundation. For in that passage, which takes us into the sanctum sanctorum of the Mother’s temple, the aspirant indeed passes beyond the reach of forces hostile to that realisation. Oneness then becomes the operating principle; as such, all the elements participating in this spherical wholeness become facilitators of the divine Purpose lodged in that centre. It is then that we can affirm: All, positive and negative, serve the purposes of the One.
Further, all springs from within, all is determined by that centremost source. This is the true path of non-violence which simply means that nothing is imposed from outside, or enforced from outside. The system so aligned would reject that imposition precisely because it is not in harmony with the higher laws of the emerging cosmos. Only that which resonates intrinsically to those laws can find a place within the system.
Thus is the new creation established on a planet that continues to be under the rule of the Lords of Falsehood; and for this reason the Mother’s chamber was a prize possession because had it been constructed with the precision she expected, this realisation of centering and alignment would have extended to the entire community that is in some way connected to that Vision; and as the boundaries were further extended, the whole of India and finally the entire planet would have become integrated into this new cosmos where each element is assured of its rightful place within the whole. Nothing is rejected because oneness is the keyword, and negative and positive serve that One.
The heart of the matter is a realisation that can hold, that can permit this ordering process, particularly in the early stages when hostile forces and usurpers refuse to loosen their grip and seek to annihilate the Child before a threshold of maturity has been crossed and the development has reached a point when masks can be drawn aside. Then, by this very unveiling, deceptions are exposed.
The Mother’s Vision was the most coveted item from the first day she revealed its contents; lamentably, not by affirmation but by negation. As we are able to witness, even today those forces instinctively hostile to the Vision refuse to acknowledge her superior accomplishment, while still deceiving the public by insisting that what has been built in Auroville is ‘the Mother’s original’. On such foundations of falsehood, whatever arises can only collapse one day by the weight of its own contradictions.  

‘I have delved through the dumb earth’s dreadful heart’
Hinduism was founded on the realisation of convergence onto and into a Point. Praises to Agni in the Rig Veda, for example, reflect this obsession, if you will, with the upholding, supporting power that Agni is known to be. Skambha is the fullest expression of that ‘support’, being the Cosmic Pillar upholding ‘all that moves and breathes’. These are extremely profound praises, and the most pregnant of all in the hymns to Skambha is, ‘…Though manifest, it is yet hidden, secret’. In this passage we note the element that sets Hinduism apart from Buddhism, for example, and all the later paths and schools of yoga and philosophy that have significantly moved away from the early moorings. Here the Rishi declares that Skambha is manifest, even as it is a secret and hidden ‘support’. The Rishi never needed to deny the reality of our material creation. There was no need to flee the world in order to attain the solar realm. All that the Aryan Warrior had to do was to continue the process, which the months of the year would open, door after door, until the border was reached at the 9
th stage/month of the journey. At that point a supreme effort was to transpire where the Warrior must endeavour not to succumb to the contracting, inward pressure, to seek escape from the material womb of the Mother through either death or an obliteration of the evolving consciousness and a severance with the nexus of our world, the soul. The Hostiles seek to impose the old responses of a mortal creation under the rule of Death, to abort the journey before the 9 becomes the 10 – indeed, the most dangerous part of the process, just as Sri Aurobindo has noted.
Sri Aurobindo notes this same peril when, in the 9th Book of his epic, the Goddess is warned that she must not follow Death into his realm, from where the human creature cannot return. She does so nonetheless and thus Death is finally conquered in the next stage/Book, the 10th.
Other laws operate for the Warrior who has made the perilous crossing successfully. He cannot be assailed because his poise places him in a different dimension. Though here, because of the new alignment he is protected by laws that operate spherically and no longer linearly. There is simultaneity when the Core has been forged.
This is the essence of the Mother’s inner chamber; and when that perfectly aligned central Core exists it becomes the channel to effect changes throughout the world.

‘Heaven’s fire is lit in the breast of the earth’
In dealing with the Veda the foremost problem is that we translate or interpret the verses that are already several thousand years distanced from the Vedic Age, very far removed from that consciousness. Not only is there no evidence of the realisation of Skambha in any of the texts of the intervening period, we also need to bear in mind that nothing of the Vedic Consciousness exists today. It may be the foundation of Hinduism, but that base is embedded in the soil of the Ages. Indeed, many Astrological Ages have passed since the Rishis walked the land.

For instance, the word swar may well have a very different meaning today and perhaps quite unrelated to swar of old. All translators interpret the word to mean heaven. In our minds this places the attainment of that coveted ‘solar world’ in some otherworldly dimension disconnected from our material domain because we have been influenced by several thousand years of nurturing just such a split. In these Chronicles we have moved closer to the real sense of swar. It has to do with the laws operating for the individual who has managed successfully to make the crossing for the 9 to become the 10. This means that the power of the Sun is the governing principle. In a sense we can better understand the procedure when we realise that our solar system consists precisely of 9 planets plus the Sun. The Sun is that 10th, or, as described in the new cosmology, the Zero. It is either the 0 before the 1, or the 10 after the 9; or else it is the 19 after 18, and so on, depending on the grade attained.
The important point to note is that this is a rhythm embedded in our very cells due to the measure of our solar system. As a species we have evolved to the point where the system has reached this measure in our awareness; we have devised technologies to perceive this measure, which indicates that as a species we have indeed crossed a very special – and dangerous – threshold. As a collective, global experience we stand at the most vulnerable point, similar to the Aryan Warrior when at that borderline crossing he becomes the most vulnerable to the hostile forces, when he must live the experience of the 9 becoming the 10. In other words, he reaches the Sun. He enters the Solar World and with this passage he comes under those higher Laws of a solar essence, the stuff of the Sun, as it were.
In ancient times this measure was known. The method for knowing the sacred measure of things may have been different, but the results were the same. This knowledge was subsequently lost but the essence was nonetheless carried over into Hinduism by maintaining that measure even though it did not seem to make any sense. For example, Hindus incorporate the Lunar Nodes in the count of planets, though it seems obvious that astrological observations were advanced enough to know that they were not planets but orbital intersections. Their incorporation was a means to keep the measure of 9. And so it has been over the past thousand years, in spite of the ridicule from science. The reason why it is important to know the Measure is because it must form the basis for the Laws of Correspondence and Equivalence to operate. But together with this scale there must be the right application, the correct time factor. And this is what was lost when the Capricorn Solstice was torn from its position in the Warrior’s ‘journey’ to the Sun, leaving him no gateway to Swar.
With the hints provided by these 12 Chronicles, it can be understood that the Rig Veda was a text composed by a civilisation that utilised the sacred universal Language of ages gone by, a Language whose alphabet has now been lost in the land where it may have taken birth. And those of us today who have been given the task of re-establishing the sacred Measures must indeed have the forbearance and the fortitude of the Aryans of old so that the journey is not brought to a halt at the threshold where the 9 becomes the 10.
We may provide a practical example of the attainment by referring to the two ‘lines’ which form the DNA of the New Way, so to speak, and which were described by the Mother as dark blue and golden yellow ‘numbers’. They were living things, the Mother noted, as indeed they do refer to living entities. We use the formula provided by Sri Aurobindo’s symbol at the heart of the chamber’s Core, 9/6/3/0-1. With this equation we can ‘update’ the Veda, so to speak, and apply the Laws in the midst of our very changed society, though respecting the original sense and purpose in every way – perhaps even in a more complete way. And thus we note that the Laws are indeed eternal. The question is simply one of making that passage to the solar world; and then the same secrets of old are unveiled as the very same operating principles of our contemporary society, which appears to be very much a denial of all that the ancient Veda held most dear.
It must be borne in mind that the controlling element is the Law.  The realisation of Skambha provides the stable constant whereby a central holding Point makes use of all circumscribing conditions to fulfil its inherent Purpose – be this in 3000 BCE or today. The nature of that ‘heaven’ is described accurately by the Solar Line itself on the basis of Sri Aurobindo’s formula in that only the numbers of the years of their births need to be calculated, not as in the Lunar Line where the full count of day and month and year are required. Thus Sri Aurobindo is 9 by virtue of the year, 1872 (=9). Similarly, the Mother is 6 by virtue of 1878 (=6) alone; and the third by her year count alone, 1938 (=3). These are the basic Laws, though the full birth counts are utilised when the case demands. But as a signature of a certain solar essence, this is the method. 5
This 9/6/3 is then imprinted or stamped on the rest of the process and its integrated elements. With the year count alone we note that it is a purer substance, purer ‘tones’, as it were; and this describes the true nature of swar, the solar world that was the object of the quest. To enter that world death was not required, only that the 9 become the 10. Then, as stated in the Rig Veda, by the ‘recovery of the lost Sun in the revolution of the year’ the victory was achieved. But Sri Aurobindo also noted that the significance of the 9 and the 10 (rays) was more difficult to understand, and which he was ‘not yet in a position to solve’. He would first have to LIVE the experience, complete the passage consciously and return in an unbroken line of time, always respecting that harmony of the year.

‘He who I am was with me still’

This victory is not attainable through trance, samadhi or the unconscious death we know today as a species. Above all, the Solar World is not a heaven to be reached if we live a good life, obey all the rules of moral conduct, follow the one Saviour, or the right dogmas and rituals. Ironically, death ends the journey. The very unconsciousness of the process makes the attainment impossible since the entire quest is based on an increasing lucidity. Above all, and we must be clear on this point, the Sons of Darkness do have the power to assail the Warrior up to the portals of that crucial passage,
but no further. Once the aspirant has crossed the threshold, the great boundary beyond which lies that Solar World, he or she can no longer be assailed because the Sons of Darkness have no access to that kingdom. It is not in any dimension removed from the physical, from the Earth on which we stand. Rather, we must affirm that it is, for the first time, a real grounding but in the core of this third planet from the Sun. The passage allows us to know a psychic plenitude which is the birthright of all those who take birth on Earth.
On the other hand, the Lunar Line, those ‘dark blue numbers’ of the night time sky of the Mother’s experience (CIC 9), require the full count, as for example, Indira Nehru-Gandhi (19.11.1917=3), the third of the Lunar Line. Though more numbers are involved there is less power, or potency. The ‘substance of the Sun’ is diluted; it cannot operate in full strength but must be relayed, as it were, by the Moon. This function is described in the Mother’s chamber by the circle of 12 columns surrounding the centre-core. This is understandable since the Lunar Line is the extension in the world of the Solar and is far more bound by the rules of the society in which it must operate. The Solar, on the other hand, wields the freer and more potent power of the Sun itself, the pure substance or essence. And as time moves on and the Work reaches the third level where the realisation of Skambha becomes established, the centre that has thus come into being by this sacred process can stand alone in the midst of a world in chaos, firmly rooted on this planet. Provided, of course, that the 9 has become the 10.
In this manner we have shown that even in the midst of a society totally hostile to all that Skambha stands for, the work is done because when the 9 becomes the 10 the laws of the Solar World, of Swar, are brought into the play; and they determine the unfolding in time of the Golden Seed of 9/6/3/0-1.
The attacks by the Sons of Darkness are relentless; but they are as if shadowboxing because the object of the attack is simply not there, though entirely grounded in the soil of this material world. Once the 9 becomes the 10, once the passage to retrieve the ‘lost Sun’ is victoriously accomplished, indeed the Sons of Darkness no longer have the power to inflict wounds or to slay the Divine Child born of this miraculous gestation of the 9. Death and his helpers have been conquered, and this is the first step on the road to immortality – today, as it was for the Rishis thousands of years ago.
They are still with us, the luminous Immortal Ones, the Ancients. When the 9 has become the 10, when Skambha is born in the consciousness-being of the Seer, death is conquered just as Sri Aurobindo described in the 10th Book of his epic. Because the Rishis realised Skambha on this sacred soil they remain with us, ‘…though manifest, they are still hidden, secret’, but they are the guiding spirits of the New Way, the luminous Ancient Ones.
India has yet to awaken from a deep slumber. The whole Earth sleeps, subjected to the same spell the Sons of Darkness have cast. The time to awaken from this deep sleep has come because Skambha is realised and provides ‘the centre that holds’.

‘This earth is ours, a field of Night’
In 1976, when the final veil was drawn aside concealing the deepest secrets of the Mother’s Vision, with it came the knowledge that the nuclear issue would be centred on India and not between the then super powers. This was inevitable given the distorted axis as it was right at that time set in place in the Auroville Matrimandir. At the time this seemed preposterous, yet this is what the distortions revealed, a subject matter we will leave for another time. Yet it has come to pass.

All of this has to do with the final element in the equation: 0-1. It is interesting that these numbers have become so immensely significant in our contemporary civilisation. Indeed, when in 1969 the Mother revealed her work with Number in the creative zone of the physical, could she have imagined the scope and sweep of her nighttime activities? Or that Number would dominate both the mundane and the sacred in an unfolding that stood only a few years in the future? Ground Zero is the codeword for what has come to be a very controlled operation revealing the full extent of the new Power working in the world. There are some revolutionary functions of this Power which 9/11 demonstrated better than anything we could describe in these pages. 6 The very numbers of this now famous date reveal the ‘method to the madness’ since they are the full number-powers of the third and fourth of the Solar Line. We must now speak of a world before 9/11, and after.7  
From that immensely significant first 3-power year of the new millennium, 2001, the new Power is fully operating in the world. For indeed when the fourth level is opened there is a directional shift and the vertical descent of contraction changes to horizontal and expansion. This means that the Third of the Line succeeded in bridging the past and future and thereby in releasing the energies of the solar substance trapped by the Panis in their nefarious hoarding ‘in the cave’, as the Vedic myth describes, in order to pin our world down and to keep the Earth subjected to the rule of the Dark Lord. Indeed, ‘in the revolution of the year they broke Vala’, for we are dealing with Time’s energy, the withheld portion due, precisely, to the lack of that Bridge. The duty of the Third in the Solar Line is simply to construct that bridge.
The diagrams reproduced below express this perfectly. The circle (Diagram A) is the year divided into four quarters, resting on the Equinoxes (Dawn and Sunset) and Solstices (Midnight and Midday) of the Tropical Zodiac. To be noted is that the last quarter corresponds to Swar, but unlike our current understanding, it is a part of that year. It is in fact the most significant section of our calendar since the Makar Sankranti opens the last quarter at the Capricorn Solstice, precisely when the 9 becomes the 10 – the 9th sign allows entry to the 10th, when the Aryan Warrior has not succumbed to the lure of the past, the old, the known, and has conquered the Lord of the 8th, Death. Swar is not ‘up there’, in some dimension removed from Earth. It is here and always has been; but it is ‘closed to us by the months and the years’, just as the Rig Veda describes. These are aspects of the Veda that none have penetrated so far. Only when the Supermind manifests can these recondite secrets be unveiled through such simple diagrams. 

Diagram A.                                                                                          Diagram B.
All diagrams are from The New Way, Vol. 2 (1981), Aeon Books

In achieving this, disbelief or even belief of the multitudes is of no consequence. The only important matter is that the work is done. 9/11 stands as testimony to the fact that a new world is born wherein the power of simultaneous, whole time has been injected into the system and our boundaries have been consequently extended. It is thus the Core and the World now. The old fields of the work remain trapped in fragmented time and therefore cannot experience replenishment directly from the Source, as indicated in ‘the symbol of the future realisation’. Now the field has become the world. The first and second foundations have played their roles as arenas where a special cluster of energies would create conditions for the Bridge to come into being through due processes of the supramental yoga. This is out of bounds for those former fields because of ‘fragmented time’ past/future without the operative bridge of the present, without the 9 becoming the 10: the actualising power, the singlemost important element in the Descent since it is only at the third level that time can be made whole. In the language of the Rig Veda the ‘lost Sun’ (Swar) is recovered and the cows/rays are released from the cave of the Sons of Darkness. It has to be retrieved, time has to be made whole, the circle must be completed now for the entire species and not just for an elite. Life must change for all living creatures on the basis of whole time: Swar established on Earth by virtue of the newly released energies that have been hoarded away, draining the species of the needed fuel to make the crossing, as the diagrams reveal.
The diagrams express the process perfectly. The circle is the Year divided into four parts, marked off by the Equinoxes and the Solstices (Diagram A). To be noted is the last quarter, the topmost. It is the December Solstice that opens the gateway to Capricorn and the Vedic Swar. In Diagram B we have what is called ‘Twashtri’s Bowl’, the Divine Architect of the Rig Veda, composed of the four planes of existence, Prithvi (Physical), Antariksha (Vital), Dyau (Mental), and Swar (Supramental). What is clear from the text is that this famed ‘bowl’ is another description of the ‘vault of heaven’ or the cosmic surround. It is the ecliptic which we divide into four parts based on the four Cardinal directions; it is the same as Diagram A. Hence here we have another correlation between the Rig Veda and the new cosmology.
However, if we read the Rig Veda verses pertaining to Twashtri’s Bowl, so far removed from the setting of the Vedic Age, do we really ‘see’ what was so obviously common knowledge then? And yet this cosmic Bowl is still relevant today, especially today when everything around us seeks to deny what the Ancients knew so well; because though it is not explicitly stated, Twashtri’s Bowl allows us to appreciate what the cosmic foundation of the caste system is and why Krishna tells Arjun in the Bhagavad Gita that the Chaturvarna issued from Him, according to the gunas and the Works.
It is all one. It is all expressive of that integral cosmic vision. The Makar Sankranti opens the gates to that Solar World, as the diagram discloses. And so, when that date is off, access is automatically denied, for the Rig Veda itself declares ‘…these worlds are closed (or opened) to you by the months and the years’. Through this simple diagram we can understand these verses and we can appreciate that it is a very serious matter to dismantle the Harmony and disengage ourselves from the rhythms of the universe, especially in a civilisation that owes its existence to the Mother, the womb of everything we know in our material creation. 

 Diagram C.

The diagram helps us to concretise or to materialise what might otherwise appear elusive since the subject it treats is so foreign to our 21st Century way of life. We may pay lip service to the Veda, we may chant the mantras and carry out the rituals, but unless the cogs and wheels are set properly in place, time is not the propeller of that Harmony and only cacophony can ensue. Then caste, for example, becomes the opposite of what it was in the Vedic Age. Instead of an enlightened and superior mode of societal order, it becomes the instigator of constant discord and strife. Yet none penetrate beneath those layers of soil that have closed out the true rhythms of life and they simply allow themselves to be carried away by political propaganda, be this of the left or the right, nothing of which addresses the real cause. It is that the right Time Key must be inserted into the chamber’s door so that then the Makar Sankranti can allow us access to that sacred space where the great secrets are held. The fourth quarter of the wheel/ecliptic, where the 9 becomes the 10th month/sign, is the lost Sun or Swar. This is the quarter that is withheld and which the Aryan Warrior is set upon retrieving. For the mortal human species the  ‘journey’ ends with death, unconscious, final, irrevocable. It is the 8th Book of Savitri; it is the 8th sign of the zodiac, Scorpio. But the student must ask why there are four more signs/months after the 8th, just a stage along the way? The journey does not end abruptly in this unconscious slumber to await another birth and then to somehow start again under the same condition of total unconsciousness. In addition, the four remaining stages/months are those considered the most dangerous because the Warrior must reverse the direction in the 9th, and in so doing bring the Solar World into his/her conscious experience of life. Time must be made whole. Its energy hoarded away in those layers of unconsciousness must be resurrected to become the new base of life.
Swar is not any ‘heaven above’. Swar is simply the ‘lost Sun’ prisoner in the cave of the Hostiles, the sons and daughters of the Mother of Division, Diti. We enter those realms through ‘the months and the years’ – today as in Vedic times, just as the Vedic Rishis of old did. The time has come indeed to bring Swar upon Earth simply by accepting the measure of our world, the truth thereby ‘of all that moves and breathes’.  

There are no rewards or punishments, as we would conceive, being so heavily conditioned by the dualism of right and wrong. There is simply the act of choosing and the processes our choices set in motion. Indeed, we reap what we sow. We choose the old and fragmented time; we reject the luminous Bridge that permits the 9th to become the 10th – or the experience and subsequent release of time’s energy that is trapped in the cave of the Past, hoarded by the Panis, and we thereby agree to serve Diti, the Mother of Division, secure in her castle of the Known. But we miss the wonders of the new and we relinquish our right to choose the new way as it evolves in time and carries us along as conscious instruments for the new powers working in the world.
When the 9 becomes the 10 and the release of the cows/rays has been secured, when we are allowed access to the Solar World, on this planet and nowhere else, we see this unfolding as if from a luminous point at the heart of each created thing, ‘…though manifest, it is yet hidden, secret’. For it is the common centre hidden in the heart of material creation, which allows for order and not chaos.
The realisation of the Core, just as the Mother has described it, reverses the direction and establishes higher laws. But the secret lies in the fact that these laws are the structure of the Core itself, its most secret essence. On this basis the new creation is joined across time and space by a Power operating from that centre – the Core is the world. Nothing stands outside of the extended boundary. But the most important factor to bear in mind is that the unfolding is like a flower blossoming from a seed – always inner to outer, point to circumference. There can be no imposition when the higher laws operate since the Bridge is constructed joining the three times and Skambha has come into being. Any imposition from outside is a violence, including all our cherished ‘new age’ formulas which have no relevance to the new creation simply because they have no core foundation. At the same time, without that realisation only chaos can prevail whose definition is a revealing lack of a ‘centre that holds’, just as the Mother’s Vision and plan describe.
The Sons of Darkness quickly took possession of the sacred Vision and distorted it to allow for their apparent victory. What they did was simply to fall under a larger influence that then used their resistance and denial to ‘further the purposes of the One’. We now have a completed structure purported to be ‘the Mother’s original’, but which these Chronicles have exposed as made in man’s image and not at all in the Divine’s. But this shadow does indeed serve the Work by offering the seeker a choice: this or that, the Mother’s or man’s. The Mother’s carries us into the Solar World; the latter is ‘…the things men do; they do it more or less well, and then it lives, and then it dies, and then it changes, and then it becomes deformed, and then… everything they have done’…(17.1.1970). The result stands before the world: a field where nothing of the higher laws can operate. All is imposed from outside, and on an increasing scale because the more power that is fed to the periphery, the greater the inward collapse when there is no centre, no ‘birth that fills the void’.
The Mother knew what the consequences would be for the field she brought into being in 1968. In the single paragraph quoted above, she stated exactly what would happen, even noting that it would be useless to say anything because ‘they would not believe me’. We (MAC) have been witnesses since 1971, the foundation year of the shadow temple, to this disbelief, because that is all the Sons and Daughters of Darkness can offer even in the face of a descent of Knowledge unparalleled since the Vedic Age: denial, disbelief, negation, rejection of the light. This is their mantra. They offer nothing in place of that denial but their own limited perception and self-important ego demands as an answer to the truth of the New Way presented in these Chronicles. The entire Supramental Descent must be denied just so that their rule of darkness can prevail, for not one has a realisation that builds. Not one has even glimpsed that ‘future realisation’ which they sought to destroy from the first moment the Mother revealed its contours. For the Sons of Darkness instinctively knew that with the Mother’s Vision in place there would be no possibility for their rule. And so it did come to pass.
But the powers of darkness are limited precisely by the boundaries they set for themselves. They ‘see’ only what these limitations permit them to see. They ‘see’ cement and steel as the signal of a victory – when in effect as long as that cement and steel structure stands, it is an everlasting testimony to their failure. For with each passing year and each level of the construction completed, they further expose the falsehood and seal their ultimate demise.

‘We have been digging deep and long’
The New Way has been born and, pari passu with that shadow construction, it has grown. The divine Child is no longer a vulnerable babe. These three decades have given the right amount of time to establish the new field of the Work, to complete that subterranean foundation by the aid of time’s released energies so that now we emerge above ground level at the 0/1 point of space – indestructible because ALL now serves the purposes of that One.
The work accomplished by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was entirely limited to the old creation. It was within that arena that they were obliged to labour. This was a formidable task because of the consolidation of yogas over the centuries that were in a sense denials of that Ancient Way; and they had to be dealt with. For this reason, though Sri Aurobindo intuited that a traditional ashram structure was not appropriate for his work, he also knew that it would provide a means to begin his ‘labour’.

A voice cried, ‘Go where none have gone!
Dig deeper, deeper yet
Till thou reach the grim foundation stone
And knock at the keyless gate.’

Indeed, the divine Pair of 6 and 9 were engaged in digging through the soil of the Ages in order to bring in a new foundation, the demand of this new age; but it could not be accomplished unless the old had been dealt with. Thus the poet sings, ‘We must go deeper yet’, and his penetration took him far back through the Ages until he reached the bedrock of the Sanatan Dharma and the ancient Vedic Way. Therefore it is only Sri Aurobindo who has unveiled the real ‘secret of the Veda’; but to reach that secret he had to labour within the confines of the past. The Ashram represented that field where best his ‘digging’ could be done.
While Sri Aurobindo reached the source of the Sanatan Dharma, the Ancient Way, it was the Mother who actually did the yoga that finally permitted that ancient Way to be reinstated. The Divine Measure was her contribution, epitomised in her Vision and Plan, her final legacy. She did not elaborate its meaning except for the clues and confirmations she left us as aids along the way of discovery, largely because she had to disclose her revelation to a hostile world in attendance of the one whose duty it was to build the Bridge, the Third of the Line. But from that point onward the  Mother did consolidate the Knowledge that saved the Work, and with it we begin to fill in those dug-out trenches, those new trenches of right measure, defined by the fact that they did reach rock-bottom, as it were, because the direction was the right one: not extended out and beyond and therefore denying even the existence of the soil, but by accepting the planet’s sacred place in the divine scheme and accepting the hard labour of holding the penetrating direction in the midst of the most ferocious denial one could experience: the denials offered by the mighty realisers of the past, the great achievers – but all of whom have carried civilisation away from the inward direction and to a dissolution of any threads holding one to life on this planet in time and space, the measures of our material world. The Divine Measure re-established the ancient Way of acceptance of the Earth and knowing that here, and only here in the System, a life divine can be established.
Thus, the trenches they dug were ‘new’ simply because of this acceptance and the fact that they held firm in the face of colossal denials worse than anything we have known even in dealing with the Sons of Darkness in our times. For there can be no harder task than to expose the great realisations that India has become so renowned for and to state that – no, we have to go deeper yet.

I saw that a falsehood was planted deep
At the very root of things
Where the grey Sphinx guards God’s riddle sleep
On the Dragon’s outspread wings.

Our task thereafter was simply to lay the new foundation stones in those sacred and cleansed trenches. This too required an intensive labour to make sure that there would be ‘no mixture’, as the Mother warned. And so it has been done.
It is for this reason that the Mother commented in 1962 that one Avatar would not suffice. It would have to be a ‘line in time’; one alone could not complete the task or bridge all the planes of existence. To reach the deepest depths, certainly a ‘line’ would be required; and to attain the heights and join the two, another pair is required otherwise the connecting Bridge cannot come into being to allow those ‘radiant children’ to descend.
This descent from above and rise from below is the very essence of Sri Aurobindo’s own symbol: the two interlaced triangles, one descending, the other rising, holding at their core the sacred Formula in the central Supramental Square 

I shall leave my dreams in their argent air,
For in a raiment of gold and blue
There shall move on the earth embodied and fair
The living truth of you. 

Matrimandir Action Committee
March 2004

The End
of Chronicles of the Inner Chamber

Updates will follow

[See Update 1]

1 In the Core of the Mother’s chamber these Atharvaveda verses are presented geometrically in the Pedestal: the Ray is ‘manifest’ as it enters the Shalagrama/chamber, but when it reaches the Pedestal it is ‘hidden, secret’. Therefore it is a total falsification of the Vedic sense in the Mother’s vision to have altered the Pedestal on the basis of an architect’s whim as in the Auroville Matrimandir, to have eliminated the Mother’s Vedic knowledge in favour of these ‘mental ideas’. Above all, Sri Aurobindo lived the experience which has been impeccably rendered by the Mother, but then eliminated in the Auroville rendition for no apparent reason other than an architect’s ‘mental idea’.
2 In the Auroville Matrimandir nothing of this is possible. The light is not concentrated; the alchemy in the Pedestal cannot transpire so that the Cosmic Pillar ‘fills the void’ and becomes ever after the support of our passage on Earth. 
3 All subtitle quotations are from Sri Aurobindo’s poem, A God’s Labour.
4 Marshall Payne, an engineer, presented a theory in the latest issue of Atlantis Rising (March-April, 2004) in his article, ‘Psychokinesis vs. Gravity’, directly related to our present discussion. He made an experiment with a group of ‘psychic lifters’ whereby his body weighing 45 kilos was raised by the group merely with each of the four members holding an index finger under him. The weight, he calculated, was reduced to just five kilos, to allow for the phenomenon.
          Afterwards, with a video recording of the experiment, Payne sought the opinion of scientists graduated from MIT. They had no answer according to the known laws of physics. Finally Payne himself deduced that of all the factors involved in gravity, the key issue, there was only one that would or could be changed to bring the weight down. He writes, ‘The force of gravity is a function of the inverse square of time. Somehow increase time in that equation and down goes the force of gravity.’ He then questions whether a psychic can affect time? Finally he reaches the conclusion that the resolution lies in frequencies. He states, ‘Frequency is a function of time’.
          The method by which the paranormal works ...‘lies in quantum physics…It makes sense that if a psychic has some unknown but observed way of affecting time that quantum mechanics will ultimately explain the phenomenon.’ And finally Payne suggests that this was the manner in which the Great Pyramid must have been built, and that those ancient wisemen knew how to alter the frequency of those massive stones, similar to his own body weight by the contemporary psychics.
          Regarding the Mother’s Chamber and the new way cosmology, in the exposition presented here of the passage to Swar where higher laws operate, the key factor is also time. One enters the zone of simultaneous time. The time factor is indeed changed, as Payne suggests. And as explained in this Chronicle, the laws governing the mechanism are thereby altered, though the subject occupies the same physical dimension. Payne’s work demonstrates how science is beginning to evolve deeper thinking processes and reaching conclusions known from ancient times but elevated in this Supramental Manifestation to greater heights because of this universality. It is an example of how when a breakthrough occurs today in processes of the Supramental Yoga – such as the realisation of Skambha in the 1980s – there will be a direct effect on secular science in the world at large since the Core is the world.
5 An example would be employing the complete birth dates to emphasise the importance of the full count of one round in the Precession of the Equinoxes, 25,920 years, as part of ‘refocusing the time lens’, one of the main duties of the Solar Line. Thus the count of each member would be the Mother, 21.2.1878=2, Sri Aurobindo, 15.8.1872=5, the Third, 5.1.1938=9, the Fourth, 26.11.1963=2. Thus each of the members of the Line ‘becomes’ one of the numbers in a round of the Precession of the Equinoxes: 25,920. We need not belabour the point that such a combination is complex and unusual. It reflects the precision of the Supramental Descent which creates its own conditions of manifestation.
6 See: September Trilogy, Plus One. Available through Aeon Books and
7 An interesting point to note is that there was a 9/11 prior to the now famous date in 2001, directly connected to the work of the Solar Line, - more specifically the 4th. It was the deeply significant overthrow of President Allende in Chile on the same date in 1973. In 1986, the 4th wrote that he had chosen Chile as his stage. Regarding the coup itself, see September Letters by the Third of the Line (1973), available through Aeon Books.

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